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It’s Friday, You Ain’t Got No Job…

…well, that’s not entirely true because raising two boys and managing a household is a eff-ton of work!

Yay, it’s Friday. Not like that means much to me. I don’t have a job that gives me weekends off and my husband is now working 6 (or sometimes 7) days a week, so he really doesn’t have a weekend either. But it’s still Friday. And that means time for this weeks: FRIDAY FIVE!!!!

Top Five:
5. Removable, washable couch cushions
4. Carla from Top Chef making it into the final 3. Whoo Hoo!!
3. Double tall, foamy, no whip, peppermint mochas…. mmmmm
2. Mylo’s new smiles and chirps.
1. Sliding down the double slide with Jaxon.

Bottom Five:
5. Dogs that think they are people and get on the couch
4. People who speed up when you put on your blinker… even though you have ample time to merge
3. Deep cleaning procedures when you have a toothache and sensitive gums
2. My husband working 12 hour days
1. Poops that clog the toilet… because I have time for that shit, right???

Today was fun. I got to go to the dentist! Yay. I had bacteria last year but pretty good otherwise, now I have mild periodontal disease. !?!?!?! Another joy of pregnancy. No I will not be having any more. Good news, my hygienist was super cool (especially for 7am). Bad news, deep cleanings fucking hurt like a MOTHER!!! Jesus.

But afterward I got to spend the day with my family. It was GORGEOUS outside (makes you understand why people pay so much to live here). We went to the park and had a blast. There were some not so nice kids and then some really nice and polite ones!! All into sharing and stuff. Awesome. Costco was fabulous (insane, I know…) And then I got to watch the Office with my hubby and take a 15 minute nap that seemed like 2 hours. REFRESHING!! Then my sister came over with Lola and Brianna and we got to open up the Valentines Day wine that I never got to share with Matt. It was good. Hehe! I love Trader Joe’s.

Anyhow… got to go to the store and get bottled H20.

Have a great weekend!!

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Pulling Teeth

Greetings and salutations! It’s 7:15pm and both my men are sleeping so Bitzer the cat and I have the house all to ourselves. Too bad I’m all out of America’s Next Top Model episodes!

Yesterday I got my baby tooth pulled. I’ve never had any teeth pulled before, so it was a bit nerve racking. I asked my dentist if it would hurt and he says “I won’t feel a thing.” I, meaning him. Aha. Aha. Dentist humor. But he did pump my gums full of Novocaine until I couldn’t feel anything except the pressure on my surrounding teeth. But now instead of having two incisors I have one uber bad ass incisor and a giant gap. I guess it will be braces city. No BJs for me, LOL!!! No wonder Matt doesn’t want me to get braces!!! *Sigh* That was funny.

Easter was fun.

I wasn’t going to get Jaxon a basket because he’s 5 months and really wouldn’t get it, but I found a coupon for a basket, so I bought some small toys for Jax and the Beagle and Peeps for Matt.

Time for Family Guy!

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