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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of the year where single people rush to get a date or go out in a group or hide under their covers while couples send and receive flowers and chocolates and make reservations for fancy outings called ‘dates’ and cynics complain about how much greeting card companies profit from it all.

Heart-Shaped pancakes taste better than regular ones.

Me, I cleaned my house from top to bottom, from the microwave to under the sofa and didn’t find time to shower until after dinner was started. But don’t feel too sorry for me. I had a blast making heart-shaped pancakes for the boys – which they gobbled up, plate after plate – leaving Matt with the clippings.

Baby hearts for my baby boy.

And then I was pleasantly surprised with a lovely red rose that Mylo almost destroyed and a tin-foil wrapped gift that Matt hid in the fridge. How sweet!

Flowers, books, and Coke Zero… Can a Valentine’s get any better than this?

Um, yes. Two hours later, Jaxon comes home from Preschool with a giant red bag filled with a shit-ton of cards, pencils, toys and candies. Jumping Jehoshaphat! What is all of this? My gift has just been put to shame. Jaxon is laughing (high on sugar, obviously), shoving as much candy into his mouth as fast as he can before I confiscate it, or worse, make him share with Mylo. But that’s not all. Matt starts going off about Jaxon’s Valentine party (and I start wishing I was three) and unveils Jaxon’s party plate. Pizza, cookies, cupcakes, and a doughnut!?!!? We all get excited about how great Preschool and Valentine’s Day is and help Jaxon with his goodies.

Valentine’s Day: It’s okay to be dateless and in yesterdays pajamas as long as there are Choose Your Own Adventure books, a clean house, and lots of free food.

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Family Fun in Mendocino

Matt’s Valentine’s Day surprise to me — a weekend getaway to Mendocino for some family fun and adventure!

Although we were somewhat cramped in the Toyota Yaris (why did we bring the stroller?), the drive was very beautiful and scenic. It’s easy to see why people pay half a million dollars to live in California — in three hours you go from mountains and vineyards to Redwood forests to rugged coasts. It was pretty amazing! We stayed at Abigail’s, the pet and family friendly sister inn of Whitegate Inn. Despite the creepiness from basically staying in someone’s house with a bunch of strangers, we had a fabulous hostess who was taken with Jaxon and his baby blues (who isn’t!!), a homemade breakfast each morning, and a delicious wine and cheese hour at the Whitegate Inn each evening. All in all, it was pretty amazing. Plus people from the posh restaurants downstairs could see us in our bathroom while they ate. Hmmm, you think they’d do something about that.

Saturday we went out early on foot and captured some great photos of the town. I had the best coffee at Moody’s — rich espresso, fantastic employees, and the thickest, most delicious whipped cream I think I have ever ingested. Orgasmic-ly good! After a family nap (and bubble bath for Mama!) we headed out again, stopping at Whitegate Inn for some wine and cheese before finding an early dinner at the Bayside Cafe. Cheap burgers, fresh vegetables, gorgeous views of the coast, and one snobby waiter (Why, man, why? It’s a $7 burger cafe.) All in all, it was a great day.

Sunday we enjoyed breakfast (No homemade scones 😦 Awwh) before heading out to the cliffs for some great photos. I’d never seen such blue water on the Pacific coast before. Of course most of So. Cal’s coasts are polluted…. anyhow, it was breathtaking. We finished up with a delicious lunch (can you believe that Matt actually suggested we eat outside??? Kick ass!) and one final coffee at Moody’s.

Although by the time we finally got home, Matt had thrown up twice and I was sick as a dog with a terrible sore throat and cold. (But I’m on my way to recovery!)  Mendocino – Four stars (out of five). I wish we had more sun (but that would mean more people) and more time. Also we probably shouldn’t stay in an in-house B&B with a baby who likes to blabber at 2am. All in all, it was a great trip and I cannot wait to plan our next family vacation!

Snoochie Boochies!

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