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How to Beat a Nasty Hangover.

1. Don’t drink so much in the first place — too late.

2. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drank — ugh, that would be like… a lot of water.

3. Sleep it off — ha, ha, ha. What is sleep?

4. Take a Tylenol and head down to Inglewood to Lesa-Marie’s Women of Color Salon for a press & curl — Yay! What a good idea! Let’s hope there’s no traffic!

Well there was traffic. Lots. But I managed to squeeze in before the 10 minute mark so she was able to see me. Nothing beats having your hair washed by a professional. I am fairly certain that the thorough scrubbing of my scalp is half the reason my hair turns out so light, silky, and fabulous. I was there for almost 3 1/2 hours but with my iPhone and some fascinating conversation, the time flew by and the next thing I knew I was in the back, sucked into the latest Lifetime movie (they’re quite addicting!)

Photo by Ernese of Paula Young Photography

Lesa-Marie is like Rumpelstiltskin, turning my straw-hair into gold. However, she doesn’t take first-born children as payment. Check out the professional “after” photos here:

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Jessielah Gets Her Hair Did!

Some days, if I’m lucky, I run a brush, too much styling product, and a curling iron through my hair and it looks like this:

What is up with those bangs?!

But most days (i.e., almost every day) it looks something like this:

Bangs Gone Wild. That’s why I look that way.

I’ve been on this whole “taking better care of myself” kick and decided that getting my hair done by a professional was in order. The last time I went to a real salon (not counting Uncle Richard who gave me a trim last, last October) was June of 2007. That was almost 4 years ago. I’m a little overdue.

My biggest problem has been finding a place that can do MY hair (black, mixed, relaxed, textured hair WITH trendy bangs) where I feel comfortable, where they do a good job, and where they don’t charge me $120 to cut an upside down V at the nape of my neck. I hit the internet (as I have no friends in the know RE: LA hair) and stumbled upon a Yelper who did reviews for a bunch of different salons.

And that’s how I found Lesa Marie at Women of Color Salon. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE that she had a website with photos and prices. I saw the exact hair style I wanted. Yay! And what is this? I can schedule my appointment …. online? And there is a Saturday availability? Shut yo mouf! Whoo! Since I had relaxed the top half of my hair back in Jan / Feb and it didn’t seem too overgrown, I booked a Press & curl with a Deep Condition and trim.

A breezy 30 minute drive took me to downtown Inglewood – and past the famous donut sign!

Don’t get a divorce, get a donut! Wait, that’s not right…

I arrived a few minutes before my appointment parked out front in the meters. My only gripe is that the machines take quarters only… or credit cards. Wtf? I popped in all the quarters I had and hoped I’d be out in enough time.

After a warm greeting, wash, condition, and dry by Lesa Marie’s assistant (and online guru) I was sent to the private booth (complete with television and totally addicting Lifetime movie) where Lesa Marie spent AT LEAST one and a half hours trimming and pressing and pressing and pressing and pressing my hair from a hurrah’s nest to silky magic!

My hair after Lesa Marie’s magic hot-comb hands!

So long, so silky, so all mine!!!!

It was fabulous. Fab. U. Lous. I felt like a million bucks. I couldn’t stop touching it. You would have thought I was in a Timotei commercial.

Swangin’ !!!!

She told me that if I pressed it every few weeks that I wouldn’t have to use a chemical relaxer anymore (Huzzah! Good bye gloopy mess.) and could have straight and natural hair. Whoo! And then I got to go on an impromptu hair photo shoot. Talk about glamorous!

Bottom Line: Three hours … no ticket and hair that is Damned Sexah!