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The Baby’s Asleep and I Need a Paint Break

So, Matt, Jax, and I are officially back down in San Diego. We’re still living out of boxes and on a futon on the floor — and up until recently, no one had any bed sheets. FUN! But not really. The Kensington house is great — my mom gave us a kick ass deal on the rent (but can’t remind her or thank her too many times because then she’ll ask for more $$) The house is pretty much in disarray. It’s no where nearly as bad as when my sister lived here, but it needs a lot of love. The tenants who lived here before did not know the meaning of “cleaning” and spent all their time planting grass that my mom asked them NOT to plant instead of cleaning their greasy spiderwebs and bits of food off of every kitchen surface. And my mom pocked the $250 cleaning deposit instead of using it to hire a cleaning company to clean the place. So we got greasy dusty grossness. But the rent is really good. So I’ve been cleaning. Not that big of a deal.
The paint is from summer of 2006 when I helped my mom paint it. It’s flesh colored and only looks good when there is no light hitting it. So it stays in the hallway but has to go everywhere else. I’ve already done the bathroom. A beautiful green with white trim and brown accents. It is now my favorite room in the house. I still need to paint inside above the tub, tile the floor, and do some other minor things, but I really love it. So modern. =)

I started in the kitchen, but I hate cleaning the grossness so the kitchen is taking some time.

I started Sunday on the master closet so Matt & I would have a place to put our 8 loads of laundry after I washed them. (Oh that was a load of fun — haha). The built in dresser looks really nice and I had some old paint that I’m painting the walls that looks really good. I’m almost finished. Then I have to patch a bunch of holes in the walls and reposition the hanger rods because someone put them so high that even I (at 5’8) cannot reach them.

Anyway, little Jaxon is awake now. We’re going to finish up in the closet and then go to Lowe’s to buy some contact paper. FUN! Pictures and more to come!


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