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On the Fifth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

… FIVE MOMENTS OF PEACE!!!!! (in which I played the New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii!) Four Yummy Chocolate Crinkles, Three Rock-hard Sugar Cookies, Two Chocolate Melting Moments and some fabulously delicious Checkerboard Coook-kiiiees!

Much to the cookie monster’s (aka Jaxon) dismay, we are going on a cookie making hiatus to go to San Diego for the weekend! At least there will be Wubzy, trains, Tyler and Mema. And a haircut… but he doesn’t know about that yet.

Hahaha! Bruhahahahaha! Mwhwhahahahahahahahahahah!!!! (This is my sinister mom laugh that is normally reserved for saying no to buying toys in the store.)

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The Heat.

It’s hot. Too hot to be in direct sun without SPF 30 slathered over your limbs. Of course, that is exactly what we are doing. I’m sitting in a bra and shorts. Jaxon has removed everything except his shoes and socks, which are drenched from playing in the water hose. I try to do a crossword puzzle, but the noise from the men across the street is too distracting. I snap photos instead.

Naked Baby Jaxon playing in the water.

Getting an early start on my tan.

The Distracting Workers.

Pretty Garden Flowers.

Heart & Glass design… Hmmm, looks like a dreamcatcher to me!!!

The day settles down into evening. The boys, rested and fed, load up in the car to go to the Kensington House. Now that our tickets are on hold, I need to bust my butt to get the house rented out. The air smells good. Like summer, although it is only March. The breeze reminds me of how much I love San Diego evenings in the summer. Windows down, wind blowing against my warm skin, slightly pink and prickly from being out in the sun too long, my feet dry and clad in worn flip flops… ahhh. I feel free. I am free.


I’m Awesome!

I’m having an “I *heart* me” moment and it’s pretty damn nice. Less than a week ago I was wearing four shirts and a parka indoors. Today I am sitting outside in shorts and sunglasses watching Jaxon play in the water – a disaster waiting to happen, I know, but it beats playing in the sink. So why am I awesome, you ask?

* Awesome-ly crooked bangs!

* It’s Tuesday and effing gorgeous outside.
* Using “awesome” as an adverb.
* My swaggy old boobs are up and awesome!
* I feel good.
* The sun has infused itself into my being. Maybe I’ll get a bit of color. Mmmmm…
* I am a California girl at heart, addicted to flip flops and sunshine.

I was told that I “already seemed happier”. I blamed my lame-0-ness. But you know what? I love my lame-0-ness. Oooh, thats another one.

* My lame-0-ness. I love that I fall in love so freely.
* I love that I giggle like a school girl and get goofy when I’m happy.
* I still dance around the house, singing into a hair brush.
* I cut my own hair (poorly) and can’t keep my nose out of the mirror.

I confess, I’m a 15-year old girl most of the time. Anyhow… it’s about time that I got to enjoy some happiness! The past six weeks have been rough. My new year came in with a bang (literally) and then it’s just been drama island since. But things are on the up and up. I got dumped – whoo! Must I count that?

* I got the closure I needed and didn’t think I was going to get – thank you, awesome-ness.
* I have two awesome babies.

They really are the best. Between spoonfuls of peanut butter, Jaxon performed acrobatics on the stairs and balancing on the fence. Mylo stomped around, yelling to hear his voice echo off the walls. Being with them makes me happy… and that is AWESOME!!!


If a Seven Month Pregnant Woman Can Do It…

… then you can do it!! Get up, get out, and VOTE!!!

So here’s my 2008 election story in detail.

After getting up extra early on Sunday (hurray for Fall Back time changes) my mom, Jaxon, and I went out for a morning of Denny’s eggs and shopping. Preggo pants for me, “real” shoes for Jaxon — because I guess his “peace slippers” aren’t cool enough — and work shoes for Mema.

Matt and I had planned on voting early because with Matt’s crazy work schedule, we didn’t want to miss out due to long lines or something. My mom decided to come along so she wouldn’t have to rush to/from work also. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. If I did… I would have come a bit more prepared… and given my son a nap first.

We arrived at the San Diego County Registar of Voters at 2:21pm. I know this because Elizabeth called to plan for walking later on that night. We were very excited at all the people and the big voting tent. Whoo hoo — early voting!!

My first video was VERY deceiving. I thought the line just turned right under the tents where we voted. 30 minutes max. So unlike when we voted in the primaries and it was me, Matt, and two old ladies. I figured we could get Subway afterward… Oh boy I was wrong.

The horrific line revealed…. about a 5 minute walk (at a brisk pace) to the end…
Or a 3 hour wait.

So while we waited we raided the small cafe for bad coffee. I forgot to bring a bottle or sippy cup for my son, so he had to drink milk out of a carton and a straw (a bit hard for a cranky 1 year old). I didn’t realized that in the time we had waited, I could have driven him home, put him down for a 2 hour nap, fed him, and brought him back (with food and good coffee for everyone else) and still waited another 1.5 hours. Geeze!! And I didn’t want to walk across the street to get Subway.

Matt and Jaxon… still optimistic.

But it wasn’t all misery. While I was trying to get Jaxon to sleep, I ran in to my old friend/Jamba Juice co-worker Brian Flores, who is now a newsman for Fox 5 News in San Diego, and I got to be interviewed for TV! And I still remember how to make a Strawberries Wild! LOL!

Jaxon did manage to sleep for about 30 minutes and then ate the heck out of a piece of toast (of course he wasn’t hungry enough to eat any Ritz crackers — LOL). Matt drank all of his milk. but they had water available that Jaxon sipped on before blowing bubbles in and spilling all over himself.

Mema grimacing at the long lines.

About 3.5 hours later, we found ourselves under the tent — which was MORE LINES!! This is when I realized how great my baby was. He’s a true believer in democracy:

But the line went fast and before we knew it, me (and baby Milo), Jaxon, Mema, and Matt were all in the “privacy” booths, voting. I was like… you know, these booths weren’t very private. Couldn’t they have just given me my ballot so I could vote while waiting in line? I don’t care if everyone knows I’m voting for Obama!! It should have at least been an option.

Also, there were a lot of empty voting booths. I don’t think they were very prepared for the extreme turn out of early voters. But we did it and I’m glad.

Because today it’s raining… Mmmm. Democracy feels good. And that sticker looks damn good on my chest!

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The Baby’s Asleep and I Need a Paint Break

So, Matt, Jax, and I are officially back down in San Diego. We’re still living out of boxes and on a futon on the floor — and up until recently, no one had any bed sheets. FUN! But not really. The Kensington house is great — my mom gave us a kick ass deal on the rent (but can’t remind her or thank her too many times because then she’ll ask for more $$) The house is pretty much in disarray. It’s no where nearly as bad as when my sister lived here, but it needs a lot of love. The tenants who lived here before did not know the meaning of “cleaning” and spent all their time planting grass that my mom asked them NOT to plant instead of cleaning their greasy spiderwebs and bits of food off of every kitchen surface. And my mom pocked the $250 cleaning deposit instead of using it to hire a cleaning company to clean the place. So we got greasy dusty grossness. But the rent is really good. So I’ve been cleaning. Not that big of a deal.
The paint is from summer of 2006 when I helped my mom paint it. It’s flesh colored and only looks good when there is no light hitting it. So it stays in the hallway but has to go everywhere else. I’ve already done the bathroom. A beautiful green with white trim and brown accents. It is now my favorite room in the house. I still need to paint inside above the tub, tile the floor, and do some other minor things, but I really love it. So modern. =)

I started in the kitchen, but I hate cleaning the grossness so the kitchen is taking some time.

I started Sunday on the master closet so Matt & I would have a place to put our 8 loads of laundry after I washed them. (Oh that was a load of fun — haha). The built in dresser looks really nice and I had some old paint that I’m painting the walls that looks really good. I’m almost finished. Then I have to patch a bunch of holes in the walls and reposition the hanger rods because someone put them so high that even I (at 5’8) cannot reach them.

Anyway, little Jaxon is awake now. We’re going to finish up in the closet and then go to Lowe’s to buy some contact paper. FUN! Pictures and more to come!


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Jumpin’ Jax Flash

It was another beautiful day in San Rafael. It was a bit breezy but we managed to make it to the pool for a few minutes before Jaxon threw up (I even waited 45 minutes after feeding him!) There were a couple of nice girls who reminded me of my sister and I when we were kids swimming at the Allied Gardens pool — holding our breathes underwater and racing from one end of the pool to the other. Good times.

About a month ago, I talked Matt into spending $80 on this beautiful jumper. This afternoon, Jaxon went totally jumping crazy — I am so glad I was able to get it on camera. He jumped for like 5 minutes straight and then passed right out for the night. God, I love him so much.

Matt is currently working his butt off on this test for Sony. I hope he gets the job! I think San Francisco is where I would like to live the most — but with me not working, we can’t really afford the crazy rent. San Diego will be nice. We’ll have a real house, Jax will have lots of kids to play with, and we can go swimming at Dad’s or at the beach!! And I can take Matt to Mexico — he’s never been. Mmmm, October is lobster time. Whoo! Hahaha! Anyways, it can potentially be a great thing. And we won’t have our outrageous rent so we can afford a second baby and possibly start saving for a house down payment.

Beep Beep! Beep Beep! Yea!

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Between Holidays

It’s that time between Christmas and New Years where you decided when to toss the Christmas tree, return or re-gift bad Christmas presents, and shop at Target for markdowns on holiday gear. Matt, Jax and I had planned to spend Christmas in San Diego, but because it was “too cold” we departed abruptly back to San Rafael. While I didn’t get to see everyone, we did manage to sneak in a night of Scene-It, Karaoke, and even a trip to Costco. It was pretty fun.

Christmas at home was nice because I didn’t have to change out of the bathrobe my mom got me for three days. Hurray for not showering. Just Kidding. I’m pretty sure I showered. Matt set up a scavenger hunt for my Christmas gift, which ended in a shopping spree in the city. After hitting Nordstroms, Bloomies, and a bunch of high price boutique stores, I spent half of my Christmas present at H&M. Score for buying the black blazer for 50% off what I was going to spend back with Ruby at the beginning of December!!

Matt’s parents came into town Sunday, so we spent all afternoon cleaning like mad. Our bedroom was a mess (which I still haven’t totally tackled). I instantly fell in love with Matt’s parents. They are great. We spent all night looking at baby pictures of Matt and hearing childhood stories.

After a wild New Year’s, we spent the next couple of days recuperating. We did make it down to San Francisco before Matt’s parents left on Thursday and hit some classic SF sites, including Giant Robot (Matt’s pick – obviously), Haight & Ashbury, Chinatown (including the crazily populated Stockton Street), Fisherman’s Wharf, the Embarcadero, and North Beach, where we ate at the always good Mona Lisa.

All in all it was a good vacation – although a very busy one. Check out the photos here!

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