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What is a Winter?

It’s January 15th. It’s 74 degrees. Jaxon and I are lounging in the sunlight that is streaming through the windows as Jessielah radio plays on Pandora. I feel almost too good. I throw my hands in the air and floor dance too Mr. Brightside as that cheeky little tank engine chugs under the tunnel that my knees have created. Slightly uncomfortable with the amount of good that is flowing through my veins, I decide that I must do something. I need to create and expel this pent-up exuberance.

Chapter One complete. Taxes started. Car sold. Dance party in full-effect.

Who would have thought that sunlight and happiness were such powerful drugs?

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Where is my Flat Iron?!?

Day Ten of Twenty.

It’s Friday. I ain’t got no job. And I ain’t got shit to do, except get into general shenanigans. But we have to be at the Bank of Scotland at 4, at our second attempt to wrestle those 200 pounds from the bank’s grubby little hands.

It’s another glorious day in Edinburgh so no jeans!!

Today we hit Princes Street for Starbucks, H&M (how American, I know) and to wander through Princes Street Gardens. It was a treat for my eyes. There is so much history popping out around every corner. Castles and spires and giant statues… not to mention the beauty of the lush green against the bright blue sky.

On the way to the Starbucks.

I could have laid out all afternoon like an old fat cat but we had to get back to the bank. An unsuccessful 50 minutes later we left Toll Cross and trekked down to the pub to meet Mag and his friends for a pint of Leffe. Beer shouldn’t taste like cinnamon candies, but Leffe managed to make it work. Treacle’s water with cucumber, however, wasn’t as successful.

We split up with Mag (he still needed a BBQ for the BBQ he was hosting that night!!) and headed to the Sainsberry’s for libations and food (as I learned that beer for dinner is not always such a great idea.) Grocery shopping after a few pints is the best!! I wanted to photo everything. The foreign packaging fascinated me, as did how much Neil resembled Jeremy from behind.

Four points, comedy bonus. Hilarious.

We got back to Mag’s where the rooftop BBQ was well under way. After a quick chat with Matt & the boys, we got to drinking and cooking our burgers. Well… if you call pink and wet cooked. Mag might have been a bit offended that I opted to use the stove to cook our burgers but “getting salmonella” was not on my list of things to do while in Edinburgh.

Yum… rare turkey burgers!

We feasted on pan-cooked burgers and Tennent’s (which isn’t as good in a tin), met Mag’s other roommate and some lovely girls who thought Ruby & I were about 25 (oh I love those girls!) By ten, the sun had finally began to set and the shenanigans began… take it away Friday Five!

Tobacco and hash courtesy of the Irish.
Red wine and cola courtesy of the Spaniards!

The Bedroom.
The Kitchen (and garlic bread)

Drama on the Couch.
Playing on the Couch!

My Period.
My Buddy!


Day Ten of Twenty. Cramped. Tired. And wishing I could have slept in my spot.


Ten Hours of Sleep!

Day Nine of Twenty.

Nothing beats waking up refreshed as a newborn and being greeted by sunshine. Especially in a new country. Edinburgh! After breaking the window shade and wrestling with the toilet, we were ready to get out and see this town.

Thank you, Mag, for letting us confiscate your bedroom for the next 8 days.

Ruby needed to go to the Bank of Scotland, where they were holding her 200 pounds hostage. We took the scenic route, down the Royal Mile and through the University of Edinburgh, stopping at Favorit for breakfast/lunch. An egg and “bacon” roll hit the spot.

It’s not really bacon, more like salty ham. But delicious nevertheless.

The day was gorgeous. So why was I in jeans?!? As we wandered towards Toll Cross, we discovered a thrift store with the cutest clothes that were reasonably priced. Whhhaa? The girl inside was super adorable and didn’t mind that we tried everything on over our clothes. Best buy? A melon-colored mini skirt that after 4 days of walking (and despite the drinking) I finally fit into.

We got to the bank too late, so we headed back to Mag’s place, stopping at St. Giles Cathedral (where they want to charge you 2 pounds to take photos!) and the Police Museum, where we touched things we shouldn’t have.

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!

We stopped at the Off License for alcohol and, since we had a few pounds left over, some food. I got my first (and last) taste of Iron Bru. Luckily we had Tennent’s to wash it down. Instead of eating, we drank 3 “tins” of lager then met Mag and his friend, Neil, at a pub called Frankenstein’s where we drank approximately four more pints of Kronenbourg 1664 – served in a proper Kronenbourg glass.

A good year for beer.

We closed down this bar as well and I got a ride home via piggy back after Ruby refused to carry me (at least I think that’s the story.) I guess me saying I weigh as much as a baby doesn’t mean I actually do weigh as much as a baby. Before we could fall asleep, the sillies hit us and we spend the next two hours giggling, chatting with Matt on Gmail, playing dress up, and trying not to wake Mag or his roommates. Jet-lag hit at 4:30am, prompting me to suggest an early morning breakfast. Ruby vetoed this idea and we crashed around 5am.

Day Nine of Twenty. Sunshine. New clothes. Jet-lagged delirious-ness. Now that’s what I call a proper Thursday.

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It’s Always Sunny in SF. ALWAYS!



I’m Awesome!

I’m having an “I *heart* me” moment and it’s pretty damn nice. Less than a week ago I was wearing four shirts and a parka indoors. Today I am sitting outside in shorts and sunglasses watching Jaxon play in the water – a disaster waiting to happen, I know, but it beats playing in the sink. So why am I awesome, you ask?

* Awesome-ly crooked bangs!

* It’s Tuesday and effing gorgeous outside.
* Using “awesome” as an adverb.
* My swaggy old boobs are up and awesome!
* I feel good.
* The sun has infused itself into my being. Maybe I’ll get a bit of color. Mmmmm…
* I am a California girl at heart, addicted to flip flops and sunshine.

I was told that I “already seemed happier”. I blamed my lame-0-ness. But you know what? I love my lame-0-ness. Oooh, thats another one.

* My lame-0-ness. I love that I fall in love so freely.
* I love that I giggle like a school girl and get goofy when I’m happy.
* I still dance around the house, singing into a hair brush.
* I cut my own hair (poorly) and can’t keep my nose out of the mirror.

I confess, I’m a 15-year old girl most of the time. Anyhow… it’s about time that I got to enjoy some happiness! The past six weeks have been rough. My new year came in with a bang (literally) and then it’s just been drama island since. But things are on the up and up. I got dumped – whoo! Must I count that?

* I got the closure I needed and didn’t think I was going to get – thank you, awesome-ness.
* I have two awesome babies.

They really are the best. Between spoonfuls of peanut butter, Jaxon performed acrobatics on the stairs and balancing on the fence. Mylo stomped around, yelling to hear his voice echo off the walls. Being with them makes me happy… and that is AWESOME!!!