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So it’s been forever and a day since I have blogged! Well I have seem to have destroyed almost every piece of electronic equipment that I come across so I basically unplugged and went crazy with my children. I also have occasionally been building train tracks. It’s soothing… almost like a massage followed by a deep tissue soak. But not really at all like that. But almost.

Anyhow, I digress. I had Panda Express with Matt for lunch and I think they need a sign that says “Warning: Only consume if you hate yourself.” Aaaand Zumba time!

I’ve had a gym membership since July and have only been once (to walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes). So I decided to cancel it and save $62 a month. Unfortunately, the YMCA decided to not cancel it and charge me for another month. Since I’ve been battling this 10-12 pounds (depending on the day) unsuccessfully, I made up my mind to give the gym another chance. I know I’m not going to have some miracle drastic weight loss but it’s 1 hour away from the demons that stole my children and 1 hour of not sitting in my house, bored, pulling my hair out, and contemplating who is going off the balcony first. (note: I’d never really throw anyone off the balcony because our car is parked below.)

I told my mom there was a step class at 8:30am and she agreed to come up and go with me for moral support. 8:42 we signed the kids into Kid’s Place and peeked into the class. That was not step aerobics. That was bootie shaking, hootie hollering Zumba. Zumba. Hmmm… I took a Zumba class once and I didn’t like it. I thought my mom would say no. But she looked at me then proceeded through the door.

That was the funnest 40 minutes I have had in a LOOOONG time. It was like going to a dance club at 8:30 in the morning, in comfy clothes and tennis shoes without having to worry about sweat ruining your sexy hair or smoldering eye make up. Some woman who looked like my mom kidnapped her from me when we had to pair up, but I befriended a girl who had the same hairstyle as me who let me know about another class later on in the week. I felt alive and energetic and my face wasn’t lined with stress and hate. It was glorious. And I got a decent work out too – like if I had been jogging for 30 minutes!

Bottom Line: Exercise gives you the strength to deal with babies.


Mooseknuckle: Because Camel Toe Has an Ugly Sister

It’s chilly enough today to wear jeans yet the thought of shimming into them makes feel incredibly uncomfortable – like breaking out into a mild sweat while wrestling with the diaper pail. It is official. I am too fat for my jeans. I guess I should do something about it, since my fat jeans are far, far away, sealed away in an air tight bag stashed beneath Columbo’s favorite place to spend the afternoon.

Back to the YMCA! At first glance the NoHo YMCA seems as yucky as the White Rock YMCA and a far cry from the glamorous Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego, but we decide to give it a look. Day care is open until 9pm. They have a slew of elliptical machines, individual shower stalls (for Matt), and a few classes I would enjoy (I disapprove of how Zumba is taking over the aerobic world). It’s pretty much got everything we need and is $18 cheaper too. Niiiice. So lets see if this will help drop those pesky 8.4 pounds so I can comfortably fit my thighs into my pantalones. Heaven forbid I have to give up breakfast….

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Hooray! It’s Friday!

Yay! Today was a good day. Started off with spending the morning with Matt & Jaxon (Mylo likes to sleep in, heh). Then I had a FABULOUS workout at the Y. See my previous posts–I can’t say enough good things about the Y. I was drenched with sweat and then at the end Mylo laughed while I struggled through crunches and lower ab exercizes (bathing suit body here I come!)

Got both boys down for a nap at the same time (heaven!), got our federal refund back – whoo! and then created a new character for Everquest 2 with Mylo. We went to see Daddy at lunch and tried on plastic shoes at Payless! Daddy tried to sneak up on Jaxon but he’s too clever for Daddy!

Got to hang out with my whole family tonight, only Matt, Marilu, and Tyler were missing. It was fun although Lizzie tried to get Jaxon drunk off wine! LOL

Before I forget: The FRIDAY FIVE!

Bottom Five:
5. A tired Mylo.
4. Hurting my knee in step class.
3. Laundry….
2. Jaxon pooping on the carpet.
1. Matt having to work so much.

Top Five:
5. The Y (and Kid’s Place!)
4. Tax refund – whooo!
3. Throwing the tennis ball with Matt
2. Jaxon laughing when I “sipped” out of his cup
1. Mylo talking to me and smiling – I love my sons so much!!!

See you next week!!!

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I Love the Y!

Congratulations to me for working out religiously the entire month of March. Whoo hoo. I love the YMCA. It’s waaaay better than 24Hour Fitness or Bally’s. For one, they have free day care, up to two hours, per child. And your baby can be as young as 3 months old. Also, they have baby friendly classes, so I can work out with Mylo until he’s 3 months old (or I feel comfortable leaving him there without me!) Secondly, the people are SO friendly. Not just the instructors (who are AWESOME) but the other members. They totally go above and beyond — which is just so amazing. It really makes you want to come back without feeling like a putz for getting there late with a GIANT double stroller. Three, they have like a TON of classes at 4 different locations, so I can always find something. I still haven’t been to the Yoga Annex or the pools. Once Mylo is 3 months I’ll have MUCH more variety. Unlike at Bally’s where they’re all… “Just take him home.” And leave him with WHO??? I was in tears, pushing my giant stroller. It was horrible.

BONUS! There are no nasty fat-ass gym guys who try to make you feel stupid and upsell you personal training. Why are those guys always fat??? No, hunny, it’s not buff pecs… it’s man square man boobies. There may be some muscle there… but it’s hidden deep beneath the fat!

Anyhow… Jaxon has finally acclimated himself to the Y’s daycare center (where the girls are FABULOUS!) The lady in charge told me to keep bringing Jaxon back, despite his SCREAMING every time I left him. Because after the first day, I felt really bad having this horribly crying child that I felt I was “pawning off” onto those girls. Anyhow… she was right. Jax is fabulous. Although I ALWAYS leave my sippy cups there. Grrh.

I’m down 2 pounds, which isn’t fabulous, but I have lost 5 inches from my body – including .25″ from my neck! Gross. LOL. Check out my victory dress/gift for working out.
It looks better on me with the fabulous heels that I get to buy if I keep up with the diet (see previous post). I’m super excited about life!!!!

Ciao for now!

PS. Stay away from McDonald’s Cappuccinos. Those people are retarded. I asked for a Cappuccino with non-fat milk and 1/2 the normal amount of sweetener and instead they gave me half the amount of milk. Why?? If I wanted less milk, I would have gotten a small!!! So tried to salvage it at home. The sweetness was overpowering. Lost $2. Sticking with homebrew, or my local coffee shops.

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My Mouse Hates Me

…and so does my space bar apparently. It’s Friday and I’m having computer malfunctions. But it could be worse. I got to work out this morning and Jaxon didn’t have a total meltdown when I dropped him off at Kid’s Place. He cried for a bit, but when they came and got me for a diaper change (2 poo poos in one morning??) he wasn’t crying. Yay! And after my class was over, he was being pushed around in a stroller… no crying.

Jesus… he just let out a HUGE wail. It’s nap time and he’s been awake for the past 45 minutes… playing. I’m having such a hard time with him. I don’t know if it’s Mylo (being older and more of a “person” who also needs me) or that he needs a different nap schedule… I went to one nap a day but it led to him FREAKING out about 5:30 – 6am. Today was the worst. Nothing Matt or I did could calm him down. *sigh*

Working out, on the other hand, is going good. I started Sunday, March 1 and I have only missed 3 days. Yesterday I tried to do some yoga at home, but it turned into wrestling with Jaxon time. I am aiming for 6 days a week with one day of yoga/stretching — because I am sooooo inflexible. Now I just have to clean up my eating habits. Eventually I will be back down to one protein shake and 2 meals. Right now I’m just trying to get back into protein shake lifestyle so that I can rebuild my muscles. Also, for some strange reason, drinking a shake helps with my hunger AND with what I eat. Like I can’t (physically) eat crappy foods after I’ve drank a protein shake — I get sick. Coolio.

I have so many things I need to get done, one of them is putting up new photos of Jaxon and Mylo. Mylo is getting so big: 2 months old and 12.5 pounds and 24″ tall (erm, well, long… since he’s not standing upright YET.) He actually CAN stand, but he can’t balance himself.

Before I go (and pray that my son has fallen asleep), let me bust out a quick FRIDAY FIVE!

Bottom Five:
5. My stupid mouse being broken.
4. Running on 4 hours of sleep and Coke Zeros.
3. Screaming babies (in stereo — aaaakkk!!!!)
2. Weak will power…
1. Dirty dishes.

Top Five:
5. My root canal — it only hurt a little and now my mouth feels fliping FABULOUS!!
4. Working out at the Y (it’s even better when my mom comes with me)
3. Family time on Saturday (with the dogs!)
2. Peggle Nights (yeah… I know)
1. Blogging in bed while breast feeding!!

Yay, I think Jaxon finally crashed. Huzzah! Time for some Peggle Nights!! Have a good weekend!


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Throwup On My Bed

Because baby Mylo put it there. Gross. Now I’ve got to clean it up.One second…

All clean. Now lets all HOO – RAH for Friday. Hoorah! I had a doctors appointment this morning with my surgeon. I’m supposed to go annually, but the last time I went was January of 2007 and the last time I actually saw my surgeon was sometime in August of 2006. So I was due for a check up. So two babies later I am up to 173 pounds. I gained 12 pounds with Jaxon and 13 pounds with Mylo. So I guess I’ve got about 25 pounds to lose. It was nice talking with my surgeon because he gave me a really easy way to lose weight: “Drink your protein shake for breakfast, have lunch, and dinner. And nothing in between.”And that was when I realized how much of a snacker I’d become. I never ate meals anymore. Even Jaxon’s”lunch” had turned into a 2-4 snacking session. Oh no! So I had planned on going to Starbucks after my appointment to get my delicious double tall extra foamy no whip peppermint mocha, but instead I decided to skip that, save the $4 and go home and make a protein shake. I’m drinking it right now.It’s not bad at all. It’s actually kind of good. So hopefully it will curb this voracious appetite I have developed.
I will also be consuming more water — you know, going from one glass a day to at least 6. Yikes. I drink no water. It’s all Coke Zero. And today I’m starting up my gym membership at the YMCA. Bally’s would have been nice to go to with my mom, but they couldn’t watch Mylo until he was six months old. At the Y, it’s 3 months, and until then, they have baby friendly classes. They also have classes at 7am, so I can always leave the boys with Matt and sneak out for a work out. I’m uber excited. And at only $35/month — that’s pretty cheap considering I get 2 hours of free child care a day. 14 hours a week. And soon it will be 28 hours a week. What a deal!

Okay… in honor of Friday… here’s this weeks Friday Five!

Bottom Five:
5. Carla not winning Top Chef — even though she could have if she hadn’t listened to that girl!!
4. A whining Jaxon… all day, non stop. Where’s my smiling, happy boy?
3. Trying to park the Kia in a tiny tiny space.
2. Finding out that there is 63 pounds of fat on my body. That’s a lot.
1. Having to chose sleep over seeing my husband.

Top Five:
5. Drinking this protein shake
4. Towelhead — have you seen this movie? If not, go out and see it NOW!
3. Finding out that there is 63 pounds of fat on my body and doing something about it!
2. Jaxon and Matt playing with their sticks and Jaxon pretending its a sword.
1. Mylo making eye contact with me and smiling. Precious!

Okay… well I will keep you updated about the protein shakes and my weight loss. I’ve got 24 pounds (of fat) to lose by December. That’s only 9 months away!!!

Catch you on the flip side!


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