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The Wanderings of My Mind… and Deer

This is how it always starts….

I’m in the shower silently debating what type of soap to use, the regular Dove bar soap or Matt’s sandalwood smelling body wash. I think back to when I used Jaxon’s baby wash before he was born and how it didn’t suds up. Then I recalled being pregnant. My mind jumps to me telling a toddler-aged Jaxon that I grew him like a flower in my belly. That men have seeds and women are like the soil in which things grow. He asks if he can grow things and I say no, only women can. He asks where his seeds are and I reply that he will only get seeds when he matures. And then once you’re mature, you can make babies. I think of him recalling this conversation in his twenties and thinking… hmm, maybe I’m still not quite mature enough yet (A mother can only hope!)

Then for some reason, my mind jumps to the bible and the story of creation, of how Adam was created from dust and I think — was that taken from a pagan story? It makes sense that man would be born of the “mother” earth, because in real life, that is how it is. Man (and woman) is born from woman. And then I think of how Eve was created from Adam’s rib — what a crock of crap. Is anything created from a rib? No!! That was the twist that the clergyman put on creation story to “show” how men should be in control and how the world should be male dominated and to thwart all of those women-worshiping pagan religions (ala DaVinci Code). Anyways, I decided just to use the Dove bar and continued my shower.

Before I showered, I was tidying up the house and opening the blinds to let the sun in when I came across a deer, quietly grazing just outside my patio. Amazed, I moved to the window to get a better look. The deer is staring RIGHT at me!!! The one thing I’ll miss about living out here is the wildlife. Yesterday, we turned the corner in the parking lot and almost ran into a wild turkey. Effing rad.
Although Terra Linda is pretty blah, the wildlife sighting get me every time. =)

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