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Sciatic Pain

… but I refuse to let it get as bad as it did last time with Jaxon (where I literally had to crawl from the bathroom to the living room because I could not stand up after sitting down on the toilet.)

For the past 3 weeks, I was able to stay away from all drive-thru fast food joints (except at the end of week 3 when Matt & I had Carl’s Junior twice!!) But we’re back into healthy eating lifestyle so it’s back to no fast food. (Besides homemade food is always better… just can’t be lazy in preparing it!)

And I’m resuming my walking. The first week I walked 4-5 times and then I stopped. But I have to stay active so I don’t become a cripple. I can’t afford it when taking care of TWO babies! So back to walking daily, along with hamstring stretches 3 times a day. I am SO inflexible and I think that is why my sciatica is acting up.

Also, I am back on the vitamin track and am working hard to get the water in. Water is good. It’s not that I’m even drinking soda or anything else…. maybe the occasional cup of tea or coffee. So there is NO excuse!

Okay… I’m pretty motivated. Time to go get pain-free!!! Whoo!!!

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