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Organized Closets Turn Me On


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How to Beat a Nasty Hangover.

1. Don’t drink so much in the first place — too late.

2. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drank — ugh, that would be like… a lot of water.

3. Sleep it off — ha, ha, ha. What is sleep?

4. Take a Tylenol and head down to Inglewood to Lesa-Marie’s Women of Color Salon for a press & curl — Yay! What a good idea! Let’s hope there’s no traffic!

Well there was traffic. Lots. But I managed to squeeze in before the 10 minute mark so she was able to see me. Nothing beats having your hair washed by a professional. I am fairly certain that the thorough scrubbing of my scalp is half the reason my hair turns out so light, silky, and fabulous. I was there for almost 3 1/2 hours but with my iPhone and some fascinating conversation, the time flew by and the next thing I knew I was in the back, sucked into the latest Lifetime movie (they’re quite addicting!)

Photo by Ernese of Paula Young Photography

Lesa-Marie is like¬†Rumpelstiltskin, turning my straw-hair into gold. However, she doesn’t take first-born children as payment. Check out the professional “after” photos here:¬†

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Date Night!

Thanks to our awesome babysitter, Matt and I were able to explore our little neighborhood of NoHo. After pre-partying with a few cans of Keith Stone, we set out on foot to Lankershim to see what was happening.

A few pints in at Skinny’s.

We ended up at Skinny’s Lounge and had a blast. Clean and trendy without the attitude — awesome bouncers & bartenders. Although the drinks were pricey in my “haven’t-yet-embraced-inflation” mind ($7 vodka tonic which was mostly tonic), the beer was cheap and good. The music was even better and before long, even Matt was on the dance floor (don’t let him tell you he can’t dance either – because he can!)

I felt like Tina Fey and Steve Carell in Date Night — minus the whole running into crooked cops and Marky Mark.¬†Great way to start the first weekend of summer!


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It’s Summertime!

Summer. Shorts, flip flops, tan skin, and the beach. Don’t forget the sun, the glorious sun!

As I’m singing the praise of my favorite season, Jaxon states matter-of-factly that it is NOT summer because the sun has no sunglasses on. I guffawed.

Bottom Line: Three year olds have an awesome view of how the world should be. Glasses or not, it’s summertime! Time to sit back and unwind (time to sit back and unwind…)

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