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Because My Dad Wanted His Photo On My Blog.

Thursday was super busy. We finally (finally) finished the Kensington House. Yes, your eyes have not deceived you. The K. House is finished. Thorn removed! Then we headed to Adelle’s for one last girl’s night. Liz brought over a new song and we worked on that while Matt busted out some decent equipment to re-recorded our song. Now you can actually hear the lyrics!¬† I’ll post the complete version as soon as it’s ready!

We’re all wearing the same thing!

We raced from Adelle’s to my sister’s for movie night. This week was my turn and (you guessed it) I picked Twilight: New Moon. But since everyone except my dad had seen this movie, we decided watch it with Riff Trax. My dad was skeptical about it, saying that we could do our own commentary. Now my sister and my dad are probably two of funniest people I know so I don’t doubt that we could pull off our own commentary, but this is easier and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting drawn into the film and wondering whether or not Jacob gets to make his move on Bella or if Edward exposes himself to the Volturi. Why did writing “Volturi” make me feel giggly and embarrassed?

Marilu, Dad, Lizzie, and Elise awaiting the best night of their lives!

After wrestling with technical sync issues, serving food, and shooing the kids out of the living room (Brianna volunteered to baby-sit),we got the movie under way.

Our beautiful babysitter – who stopped babysitting to watch the movie.

The New Moon Riff Trax did not fail to deliver. While it wasn’t quite as funny as the original Twilight (Lllllaaadies!), it made my dad a fan. He plans on telling everyone about it.

Two of the funniest people I know.

They totally cracked Edward’s spray-on abs “…and theaters full of teenagers learned the hard way, that some things are best left to the imagination.” and Jacob’s ultra-white teeth “…whoa, hey there, slow down with the bleach!”

“He thinks they’re voting whether to renew the Maxim subscription.”

The best: “A hobbit lay here, and the other… they crawled… their hands were bound.” I believe the whole room cheered to hear Aragon quoted in a Twilight movie. Classic. Lord of the Rings rules!!

It’s official. I am a nerd. Damn.


Yo Gabba Gabba Makes Me Feel Good

I’m exhausted. Today was a long day. Even though I went to bed at 8pm the night before, waking up at 6am was no easy task. With two little ones pulling and tugging on various body parts, it was hard to sleep in. However, by 8am the boys were fed (devouring all three bowls of oatmeal between the two of them), we were all dressed and headed out the door to work on the Kensington house. And I had consumed not one cup of coffee… yet.

Working on the Kensington house while the boys are with me is pretty much a nightmare. For an empty house, there is a ton to get into and hurt yourself on. Every time I tried to cover the floors, the boys would jump and play in the paper. Then I would chase them out, only to have them fighting over toys less than a minute later. I don’t know how I got both bedrooms, the hallway, and the bathroom prepped, but I did. I even primed the blue wall in the front bedroom. It must be because I’m awesome.

After Mylo tried repeatedly to eat the primed wall, I decided that it was time to go home. Mylo went down for a nap, Jaxon¬† “rested” in my mom’s room and I got to work on Don Giovanni. I forgot how exhilarating it is to be working and doing and acting and singing and LIVING! So much better than moping around worrying about what should and could happen. And I guess it helps that last night moving back to Texas was crossed out of my future. One down… a few more life decisions to go.

My sister was supposed to come over for dinner, but canceled. I knew I shouldn’t have dropped $35 on dinner. Sigh. Oh well, c’est la vie. Isn’t that something that Yo Gabba Gabba would teach us?

In some parallel universe, I am DJ Lance and DJ Lance is me:

Who else but parallel universe me would say “Listening and Dancing to Music is AWESOME!” It is. Totally awesome.

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Back to Work on the Kensington House

I’ve taken a break from painting to get back to work on the Kensington House. Jaxon’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks (I still need to send out invitations!) and I want things looking tip-top for the party. There is so much to do!! Last time I blogged, I think I had put up some curtains and started on the linen closet. I still haven’t finished the linen closet; the drawers need washing and re-lining. (God, I can remember washing the walls with Simple Green when I was a kid…) I finished the bathroom. Finally. The rest of the wall paper border is up. The inside of the bathtub has been painted. The shutters are painted and have been reinstalled. I even bleached the floor – although it didn’t do much good. There’s still always work to be done, but we’ll have to wait until after we get back from San Francisco when I have some $$ to spare.

Painting behind the oven was the biggest little thing I did. We replaced the old oven with a new one 6 inches smaller – exposing walls covered in grease and gunk. It was a nightmare. Absolutely disgusting. Little did I know that one coat of paint and a few brush strokes would turn grossness into goodness. The splintered, grease stained sides of the cabinets also got a fresh coat of paint and I finally tackled the kitchen trim. It’s still far from a dream kitchen, but the grossness factor has been brought down to a Level Orange. There is much to be done, so I’m trying to focus on the ones that will decrease the icky factor. Oh yeah… and I even installed ceiling fans. I am so awesome.

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Nothing Like the Smell of Epoxy in the Morning

Jaxon’s sleeping and I’m taking a break from re-epoxying the bathroom tub tile. My mom started it but some parts of the original grout are still showing and I can’t bleach them white. It’s getting in my nose. I ‘d better go outside. Be back in a second.

Ahhhh… much better. Although now I have the sniffles.


I haven’t been doing much painting. Matt’s had to work so much lately and for some reason, it’s no fun to paint alone. So I’ve been working on the house. I’d like it to be nice, clean, and finished by the time baby Milo arrives. I cleaned up Jaxon’s room (finally) and I am excited to say that there are no more boxes! I bought a shoe rack for my door which fit’s all my shoes perfectly (only $7!!) and busted out a pretty nice paint job inside the linen closet (oh it was so smelly, sticky, and gross) so now we have a place for all the blankets that were sitting in boxes in Jaxon’s room. Yay! I need to make a trip to Ikea for some baskets (for Jaxon’s toys), two nightstands, and another dresser. I don’t want to spend the $ but I can’t find anything on and I’m just sick of living in a half-unpacked house. It’s so horrible!

Anyhow…. my sister has arrived!!


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The Baby’s Asleep and I Need a Paint Break

So, Matt, Jax, and I are officially back down in San Diego. We’re still living out of boxes and on a futon on the floor — and up until recently, no one had any bed sheets. FUN! But not really. The Kensington house is great — my mom gave us a kick ass deal on the rent (but can’t remind her or thank her too many times because then she’ll ask for more $$) The house is pretty much in disarray. It’s no where nearly as bad as when my sister lived here, but it needs a lot of love. The tenants who lived here before did not know the meaning of “cleaning” and spent all their time planting grass that my mom asked them NOT to plant instead of cleaning their greasy spiderwebs and bits of food off of every kitchen surface. And my mom pocked the $250 cleaning deposit instead of using it to hire a cleaning company to clean the place. So we got greasy dusty grossness. But the rent is really good. So I’ve been cleaning. Not that big of a deal.
The paint is from summer of 2006 when I helped my mom paint it. It’s flesh colored and only looks good when there is no light hitting it. So it stays in the hallway but has to go everywhere else. I’ve already done the bathroom. A beautiful green with white trim and brown accents. It is now my favorite room in the house. I still need to paint inside above the tub, tile the floor, and do some other minor things, but I really love it. So modern. =)

I started in the kitchen, but I hate cleaning the grossness so the kitchen is taking some time.

I started Sunday on the master closet so Matt & I would have a place to put our 8 loads of laundry after I washed them. (Oh that was a load of fun — haha). The built in dresser looks really nice and I had some old paint that I’m painting the walls that looks really good. I’m almost finished. Then I have to patch a bunch of holes in the walls and reposition the hanger rods because someone put them so high that even I (at 5’8) cannot reach them.

Anyway, little Jaxon is awake now. We’re going to finish up in the closet and then go to Lowe’s to buy some contact paper. FUN! Pictures and more to come!


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