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Carmageddon, a Love Story

The worst of it.

I fiddled around for over a week debating whether or not to drive down to the OC to see Tainted Love at the Galexy theater Saturday night. Why? Because it landed smack dab in the middle of “Carmageddon” the nightmare cluster-fuck traffic nightmare that was supposed to clog and congest the highways & byways more than usual – which is almost hard to believe since LA traffic is almost always a nightmare cluster-fuck.

But the greater LA transit system is no Bay Area transit system so I decided to brave the roads and drive.

Flying over the Cahuenga Pass on the 101.

The roads were empty. The only time the freeways look this empty are at the wee hours of a weekend morning.

65 mph through the downtown tangle? Impressive!

Bottom Line: The 405 should close more often.

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I Clean Too Much.


And now my kids play “clean-up” while telling md that they are working. We probably should be doing more enjoyable things…

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She-Ra, Princess of Power!

Move over, Family GUY. Step aside, American DAD. And I love you BOB’S Burgers but there is a new cartoon that has stolen my Sunday night wind-down routine.

For the Honor of GraySkull, I am She-Ra!

It caught my eye on Netflix last week and before I knew it, I was passing over The Cleveland Show to watch She-Ra.

I was a huge She-Ra fan back when I was a kid. I had all of the action figures: She-Ra, Bow,  Glimmer, Queen Angella, Castaspella, Frosta, Catra… all decked out in their ample-breasted, painted super-suits and wedge-heel boots. I also had the bad guys: Hordak, Grizzlor, and Mantanna. And I even had the Crystal Castle and Swift Wind! A flying unicorn with rainbow wings?!? What could be more girly than that?

I used to make She-Ra and Hordak kiss, and erm, hump… (photo: Amanda Jane Penrose)

The first episode had Matt and I rolling on the floor laughing our asses off (I know that I just wrote that out…) Adam (He-Man) sounded like Matthew Broderick in a hot pink vest, Bow wore had a red valentine heart on his chest, and the leader of the rebellion was a purple-clad girl named Glimmer?!? Really? Really?  This is what appeals to girls. Hahahaha!!

And as soon as She-Ra got her own spin-off series, Princess Adora (her alter ego) went overkill turning into She-Ra. “A bunny is in trouble? I don’t like that, and neither does She-Ra!” **ssnniff**

Bottom Line: The best part of this show is the ending credits song: “For the power of love, we have the power so can you, Oooooh!”

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Yummy Summer Salad!


We picked up some strawberries at the farmers’ market today and they were not as good as the ones we found yesterday. Bummer.

Thinking quick, I chopped them up with a crunchy Japanese cucumber then doused them with my secret ingredient, Tajin. Discovered by my mom at Food 4 Less, Tajin is a blend of chili peppers, lemon juice, and salt that adds a spicy, zingy kick to fruits & vegetables.

I put the mixture in the freezer to chill while I chopped up a head of Romaine lettuce. I tossed everything together then drizzled it with some balsamic vinaigrette….. Delicious!!

Bottom line: A delicious and healthy way to make up for the cinnamon roll consumed for breakfast.

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Umami. Burger Heaven.

Even my catsup was good.



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