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Back to Work on the Kensington House

I’ve taken a break from painting to get back to work on the Kensington House. Jaxon’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks (I still need to send out invitations!) and I want things looking tip-top for the party. There is so much to do!! Last time I blogged, I think I had put up some curtains and started on the linen closet. I still haven’t finished the linen closet; the drawers need washing and re-lining. (God, I can remember washing the walls with Simple Green when I was a kid…) I finished the bathroom. Finally. The rest of the wall paper border is up. The inside of the bathtub has been painted. The shutters are painted and have been reinstalled. I even bleached the floor – although it didn’t do much good. There’s still always work to be done, but we’ll have to wait until after we get back from San Francisco when I have some $$ to spare.

Painting behind the oven was the biggest little thing I did. We replaced the old oven with a new one 6 inches smaller – exposing walls covered in grease and gunk. It was a nightmare. Absolutely disgusting. Little did I know that one coat of paint and a few brush strokes would turn grossness into goodness. The splintered, grease stained sides of the cabinets also got a fresh coat of paint and I finally tackled the kitchen trim. It’s still far from a dream kitchen, but the grossness factor has been brought down to a Level Orange. There is much to be done, so I’m trying to focus on the ones that will decrease the icky factor. Oh yeah… and I even installed ceiling fans. I am so awesome.

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Nothing Like the Smell of Epoxy in the Morning

Jaxon’s sleeping and I’m taking a break from re-epoxying the bathroom tub tile. My mom started it but some parts of the original grout are still showing and I can’t bleach them white. It’s getting in my nose. I ‘d better go outside. Be back in a second.

Ahhhh… much better. Although now I have the sniffles.


I haven’t been doing much painting. Matt’s had to work so much lately and for some reason, it’s no fun to paint alone. So I’ve been working on the house. I’d like it to be nice, clean, and finished by the time baby Milo arrives. I cleaned up Jaxon’s room (finally) and I am excited to say that there are no more boxes! I bought a shoe rack for my door which fit’s all my shoes perfectly (only $7!!) and busted out a pretty nice paint job inside the linen closet (oh it was so smelly, sticky, and gross) so now we have a place for all the blankets that were sitting in boxes in Jaxon’s room. Yay! I need to make a trip to Ikea for some baskets (for Jaxon’s toys), two nightstands, and another dresser. I don’t want to spend the $ but I can’t find anything on and I’m just sick of living in a half-unpacked house. It’s so horrible!

Anyhow…. my sister has arrived!!


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