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I Hurt My Butt… from Living

Saturday was Kim & Chuckie’s wedding so all the gals were in town. Ruby stayed with me from Wednesday afternoon until today. It was a lot of fun. I don’t think I have done that much shopping since Jax was a baby. I have to return most of the stuff I got (two dresses, a pair of shoes that had an annoying knot in the laces, a pair of shoes that were two small, and Matt’s “dress shirt” for the wedding that he did not attend). I did manage to get the perfect dress — Calvin Kline, pastel blue, adorable! From the color to the fabric, it was basically everything that I was looking for. Of course then I got to the wedding and half the guests (including the bridesmaids) were wearing black, so I guess that is no longer a faux paus and I could have gotten the FCUK dress that I found like almost a month ago. But this one is cuter I think. It’s blue too… which makes me happy.
Somewhere amidst all the shopping I hurt my butt. Like right in the center of the right cheek. It’s just sore. Matt wouldn’t rub it for me. Poo on him, lol. Matt also canceled on the wedding. When I found out that no other husbands/boyfriends would be attending, I started to feel bad about forcing him to go. I knew he would get in a yucky mood and would either be a grouch all night or end up drinking a bazillion beers. And he’s been super good about not drinking and I didn’t want to be the reason he started again. Not that he’s an alcoholic or anything… but when he’s stressed… well let’s just say the calories add up.
I was going to spend the night in the hotel with the rest of the girls (Stephanie & Sara – who both arrived on Friday – and Ruby) but decided after the alcohol wore off and the tired set in, that I’d rather be at home in my own bed. Also — due to Kim & Chuckie’s raw chicken, it was a poo/puke fest at the Hilton. Niiiceee. Hehehe. (Thanks mom for leaving cooked meat in the oven for days, building up my bacteria tolerance.)
The wedding was beautiful. Exactly what I would have planned for myself, with the addition of cherry blossoms gently falling through the air as I met Matt at the alter. I was going to cry. Especially when they went to say their vows and the most wonderful breeze blew through the trees, rustling all the leaves like a blessing from the heavens. Perfect. And short. That’s Kim for ya.
The only “bad” part was the catering. Like me, they must have lost their minds. They brought 13 regular tables and one kiddie table, instead of 14 regular tables. So instead of fixing the situation, they just forgo the kiddie table mid-decoration and plate and seat 13 tables. Guess who’s at table 14? BINGO! US. It wasn’t so bad after we snagged champagne glasses, plates, silverware, and a few water glasses. It was kind of funny and the lawn chairs were big and more comfortable than the white folding chairs. They gave us extra cashew brittle to make up for it. AHahah! However, the raw chicken that we got later, was not so funny. It was gross actually. Roshani (a chef who used to cater weddings) actually gathered up all the raw – like still wet and pink all the way through – and under cooked chicken and complained. The caterers were like “Yeah, sorry.” They knew they f-ed up. Hopefully Chuckie & Kim get their money back from that. Or else see you at Judge Judy! (She tapes in LA so … hey!)
Dancing was fun. I forgot how much I love to dance. I think I’ve only been out ONCE since I’ve been thin. Geeze. Anyhow… great exercise. Tons of fun. I love weddings and wish Kim & Chuckie nothing but the best. And I think that if you have a fiasco wedding then the marriage will be nice and strong. (Prepared for the worst from the start, lol).

Anyhow… I’m super tired and my stomach muscles are hurting. I don’t know why. I’m also hungry.

Back to normal life tomorrow. I miss Ruby already. I’m sure Mylo will miss her too because she was alway holding him when I had my hands full with Jax. I FINALLY got new shoes! I threw the old ones out on Monday, thinking it would drive me to get new ones before class on Wednesday. WRONG. Five days later….

The scale has a good weight (165) and I weighed myself at night. I’m going to do my measurements tomorrow — I already know I’m smaller under my chest because my bra bands are loose. That’s where I lose weight from first: face, neck, shoulders, chest (not boobies)… and then I puddle all around the middle. Sexy. Heh. Back to healthy eating too. You kind of have to eat healthy in this house with our crappy weak-flush toilet.

Ok… I’m falling asleep so I guess I should go. Will update with photos tomorrow.

Ciao belli!!

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