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Wanted… Good Until the End

So I finally got a few minutes to myself and I should have taken a nap, but instead I decided to watch Wanted. I think James McAvoy is the Scottish version of Matt (hehe) and I like Angelina Jolie (so glad she wasn’t scowling the ENTIRE movie — she’s so much more likable when she’s got a smile on her face).

Anyhow… instantly drawn in to the character of Wesley Gibson… of course, they should have made the Google websearch of his name a bit more realistic. I mean… no searches found? He didn’t even have his name in quotes. It would have been better if they said: Wesley Gibson.. do you mean Warner Gabbon? or something of that nature, you know, when you spell things wrong in Google.

I thought it would be TOTALLY cheesy and make me feel embarrassed for the characters, but overall it wasn’t bad. McAvoy’s American accent was good and I think the role of Fox was originally written for a man because there was this male bonding thing going on…either that or the leads had NO chemistry. But I like that there was not a lot of romance. Bleck. Like a bad ass like her would be attracted to a little shrimpie like him. I mean… even my husband was a hot and sexy bad ass rocker/artist type when I met him (little did I know that his favorite store was Target!)

However, the last line in the movie ruined everything. Wesley looking in the camera saying “What the fuck have you done today?”

I was almost angry. I was like, uh, I just wrestled two babies (one VERY much in need of a nap) to crowded ass Kaiser. I just stayed up all night feeding a crying gassy baby. I just cleaned an entire house. That’s what the fuck I’ve done today. In your face Wesley Gibson.

I do like that song “Bad things come in Twos” My boys!!

Aahahaha!! Jaxon’s awake. Ciao belli!

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Atonement…WTF?!? (spoiler alert)

I was torn about watching this movie. I heard it was really good (and co-stars my boyfriend, James McAvoy) but I’ve been on a brainless movie kick lately. Yesterday I finally had some free time and decided to watch the flick.

I was instantly excited about reading the book. It was so good. I loathed Briley (and couldn’t think of anything that she could do to redeem herself). But then Jaxon woke up when Briley came to visit her sister and Robbie and I had to stop the movie. Later that night, I started the movie up again after speaking it’s praises to Matt, excited about the ending. It totally effed me!

1. I didn’t know that I only had about 10 minutes left to watch. Total bummer.

2. I didn’t expect that the last 10 minutes would just shatter any good happy love feeling I had about the movie.

THEY BOTH DIED!!! Everything that I had just watched was FAKE??? While that nasty Briley had received fame and fortune from her writing, including the story how she totally fucked over her sister and (possibly) only man she’d been in love with??? Good, I’m glad that you’re dying. And no, writing a book with a happy ending doesn’t excuse you from being a nasty jealous little brat (who knew EXACTLY what she was doing!) She was jealous and made up a story. Oh it was a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE ending.

And I bet the book is even better.

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