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So it’s been forever and a day since I have blogged! Well I have seem to have destroyed almost every piece of electronic equipment that I come across so I basically unplugged and went crazy with my children. I also have occasionally been building train tracks. It’s soothing… almost like a massage followed by a deep tissue soak. But not really at all like that. But almost.

Anyhow, I digress. I had Panda Express with Matt for lunch and I think they need a sign that says “Warning: Only consume if you hate yourself.” Aaaand Zumba time!

I’ve had a gym membership since July and have only been once (to walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes). So I decided to cancel it and save $62 a month. Unfortunately, the YMCA decided to not cancel it and charge me for another month. Since I’ve been battling this 10-12 pounds (depending on the day) unsuccessfully, I made up my mind to give the gym another chance. I know I’m not going to have some miracle drastic weight loss but it’s 1 hour away from the demons that stole my children and 1 hour of not sitting in my house, bored, pulling my hair out, and contemplating who is going off the balcony first. (note: I’d never really throw anyone off the balcony because our car is parked below.)

I told my mom there was a step class at 8:30am and she agreed to come up and go with me for moral support. 8:42 we signed the kids into Kid’s Place and peeked into the class. That was not step aerobics. That was bootie shaking, hootie hollering Zumba. Zumba. Hmmm… I took a Zumba class once and I didn’t like it. I thought my mom would say no. But she looked at me then proceeded through the door.

That was the funnest 40 minutes I have had in a LOOOONG time. It was like going to a dance club at 8:30 in the morning, in comfy clothes and tennis shoes without having to worry about sweat ruining your sexy hair or smoldering eye make up. Some woman who looked like my mom kidnapped her from me when we had to pair up, but I befriended a girl who had the same hairstyle as me who let me know about another class later on in the week. I felt alive and energetic and my face wasn’t lined with stress and hate. It was glorious. And I got a decent work out too – like if I had been jogging for 30 minutes!

Bottom Line: Exercise gives you the strength to deal with babies.


Mooseknuckle: Because Camel Toe Has an Ugly Sister

It’s chilly enough today to wear jeans yet the thought of shimming into them makes feel incredibly uncomfortable – like breaking out into a mild sweat while wrestling with the diaper pail. It is official. I am too fat for my jeans. I guess I should do something about it, since my fat jeans are far, far away, sealed away in an air tight bag stashed beneath Columbo’s favorite place to spend the afternoon.

Back to the YMCA! At first glance the NoHo YMCA seems as yucky as the White Rock YMCA and a far cry from the glamorous Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego, but we decide to give it a look. Day care is open until 9pm. They have a slew of elliptical machines, individual shower stalls (for Matt), and a few classes I would enjoy (I disapprove of how Zumba is taking over the aerobic world). It’s pretty much got everything we need and is $18 cheaper too. Niiiice. So lets see if this will help drop those pesky 8.4 pounds so I can comfortably fit my thighs into my pantalones. Heaven forbid I have to give up breakfast….

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