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Where is my Flat Iron?!?

Day Ten of Twenty.

It’s Friday. I ain’t got no job. And I ain’t got shit to do, except get into general shenanigans. But we have to be at the Bank of Scotland at 4, at our second attempt to wrestle those 200 pounds from the bank’s grubby little hands.

It’s another glorious day in Edinburgh so no jeans!!

Today we hit Princes Street for Starbucks, H&M (how American, I know) and to wander through Princes Street Gardens. It was a treat for my eyes. There is so much history popping out around every corner. Castles and spires and giant statues… not to mention the beauty of the lush green against the bright blue sky.

On the way to the Starbucks.

I could have laid out all afternoon like an old fat cat but we had to get back to the bank. An unsuccessful 50 minutes later we left Toll Cross and trekked down to the pub to meet Mag and his friends for a pint of Leffe. Beer shouldn’t taste like cinnamon candies, but Leffe managed to make it work. Treacle’s water with cucumber, however, wasn’t as successful.

We split up with Mag (he still needed a BBQ for the BBQ he was hosting that night!!) and headed to the Sainsberry’s for libations and food (as I learned that beer for dinner is not always such a great idea.) Grocery shopping after a few pints is the best!! I wanted to photo everything. The foreign packaging fascinated me, as did how much Neil resembled Jeremy from behind.

Four points, comedy bonus. Hilarious.

We got back to Mag’s where the rooftop BBQ was well under way. After a quick chat with Matt & the boys, we got to drinking and cooking our burgers. Well… if you call pink and wet cooked. Mag might have been a bit offended that I opted to use the stove to cook our burgers but “getting salmonella” was not on my list of things to do while in Edinburgh.

Yum… rare turkey burgers!

We feasted on pan-cooked burgers and Tennent’s (which isn’t as good in a tin), met Mag’s other roommate and some lovely girls who thought Ruby & I were about 25 (oh I love those girls!) By ten, the sun had finally began to set and the shenanigans began… take it away Friday Five!

Tobacco and hash courtesy of the Irish.
Red wine and cola courtesy of the Spaniards!

The Bedroom.
The Kitchen (and garlic bread)

Drama on the Couch.
Playing on the Couch!

My Period.
My Buddy!


Day Ten of Twenty. Cramped. Tired. And wishing I could have slept in my spot.


Can I Wear a Onesie Today?

So I got out of the shower today and something was different. Maybe it was the fact that the annoying lady in green from the Tampax commercials decided to visit. Or maybe it was the right-handed, open palm slap to the face Jaxon woke me up with. POW! Or maybe, like Samsa, I had metamorphosed… but not into a Ungeziefer. No, no, no. This is was a good different, good like tucking your shirt into your underwears, rocking a jbf pony, and eff wearing pants for the day. (Of course, I did have to eventually put a pair of pants on, but it was done with great reluctance.) I’ve evolved. Every so often it happens. You’ll wake up and think, wow…  I forgot to save my work and it was all deleted. Yep, that is what I think when I wake up after evolving. And I then wish that I would evolve into saving my effing work!!! (It’s been a bad habit since freshman year. Ugh.)

Soooooo, since my blog post is gone, it is up to me to come up with something spectacular on the spot. Trouble is I had a really icky dream that made me very, very, very sad. There was a lot of stuff about taking too long to clean kitchens, bikes and falling into chasms, but what keeps replaying through my body is the feelings I felt after I was told that I was no longer loved. It came as a kick in the face, totally unexpected. A flood of emptiness and loneliness. And yet, it was just a dream. A dream that I know, that I fear, rings dead truth. I hate this sickening to my stomach that so enticingly tempts me into the spiraling black hole of self-despair (a horrible place to go, especially in a onesie).

And since, I am now back in my makeshift onesie (pants are totally over rated), I really can’t be going down any black holes. So onward. It’s Friday and for those of you who hate reading the depressing sadness that is sometimes my life (I know it’s hard to believe but even awesome people have bad days) its time for the FRIDAY FIVE!!!

Today’s Friday Five is brought to you courtesy of your friends at MST3K’s Riff Trax’s presentation of Twilight. (Llllllaadies!):

Being a hater! (I’m hating on some periods right now!)

Girl Scouts harassing you to buy their deliciously overpriced cookies.
Twilight with Lizzie (I’m gay! Line! Lllllaadies!)

Getting rejected in a dream
Actually laughing out loud at an IM instead of just writing “Ha ha”!!

Those “Real Values Commercials
The “pa-donk-a-donk” text!

Not knowing what to do
Doing something anyway!

Well I am in need of some serious sleep – got to wipe out this sore throat before it develops into something worse. Besides, I can’t have my REAL Age go up, I won’t be able to buy student priced airfare! Hasta luego mis amigos!


I Hate Dreamcatchers.

Isn’t my late night, left=handed scroll pad drawing the best?

Dreamcatchers are one of the vilest things to hang above your bed. I hate them and I hate people who have them (sorry, but I do). They’re usually those people who try to say they are part Native American (and it’s always Cherokee Indian, because that’s the only one most people know about). Annoying. People who are into crystals are not any better. (Ruby!) You mean you’re not going to use that crystal for its magical healing purposes? You’re just going to hang it in the window, to dance in its moonlit prisms, in a broom skirt and an ankh while chanting to Manon and reciting lines from The Craft… riiight.

Since I’ve got an aching abdomen, I’ll leave you to your weekend with the Friday Five:

Not chating with the usual suspects (because of no. 4)
Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook and hanging out with them!

The never-ending work on the Kensington house
Being proactive and productive!

Target not having my camera on sale or in stock
Driving and singing with the windows down and the sun streaming in on me!

Changing squirming babies without a changing table
Being tackled by two naked, laughing babies and not getting peed on!

My aching abdomen

Going to bed early. Mmm… sleep!

I have come to re-realize the importance of sleep. It’s more delicious than any food and more refreshing than (almost) any drink. So good night, Happy Friday, and adieu!


Hooray! It’s Friday!

Yay! Today was a good day. Started off with spending the morning with Matt & Jaxon (Mylo likes to sleep in, heh). Then I had a FABULOUS workout at the Y. See my previous posts–I can’t say enough good things about the Y. I was drenched with sweat and then at the end Mylo laughed while I struggled through crunches and lower ab exercizes (bathing suit body here I come!)

Got both boys down for a nap at the same time (heaven!), got our federal refund back – whoo! and then created a new character for Everquest 2 with Mylo. We went to see Daddy at lunch and tried on plastic shoes at Payless! Daddy tried to sneak up on Jaxon but he’s too clever for Daddy!

Got to hang out with my whole family tonight, only Matt, Marilu, and Tyler were missing. It was fun although Lizzie tried to get Jaxon drunk off wine! LOL

Before I forget: The FRIDAY FIVE!

Bottom Five:
5. A tired Mylo.
4. Hurting my knee in step class.
3. Laundry….
2. Jaxon pooping on the carpet.
1. Matt having to work so much.

Top Five:
5. The Y (and Kid’s Place!)
4. Tax refund – whooo!
3. Throwing the tennis ball with Matt
2. Jaxon laughing when I “sipped” out of his cup
1. Mylo talking to me and smiling – I love my sons so much!!!

See you next week!!!

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It’s Friday, You Ain’t Got No Job…

…well, that’s not entirely true because raising two boys and managing a household is a eff-ton of work!

Yay, it’s Friday. Not like that means much to me. I don’t have a job that gives me weekends off and my husband is now working 6 (or sometimes 7) days a week, so he really doesn’t have a weekend either. But it’s still Friday. And that means time for this weeks: FRIDAY FIVE!!!!

Top Five:
5. Removable, washable couch cushions
4. Carla from Top Chef making it into the final 3. Whoo Hoo!!
3. Double tall, foamy, no whip, peppermint mochas…. mmmmm
2. Mylo’s new smiles and chirps.
1. Sliding down the double slide with Jaxon.

Bottom Five:
5. Dogs that think they are people and get on the couch
4. People who speed up when you put on your blinker… even though you have ample time to merge
3. Deep cleaning procedures when you have a toothache and sensitive gums
2. My husband working 12 hour days
1. Poops that clog the toilet… because I have time for that shit, right???

Today was fun. I got to go to the dentist! Yay. I had bacteria last year but pretty good otherwise, now I have mild periodontal disease. !?!?!?! Another joy of pregnancy. No I will not be having any more. Good news, my hygienist was super cool (especially for 7am). Bad news, deep cleanings fucking hurt like a MOTHER!!! Jesus.

But afterward I got to spend the day with my family. It was GORGEOUS outside (makes you understand why people pay so much to live here). We went to the park and had a blast. There were some not so nice kids and then some really nice and polite ones!! All into sharing and stuff. Awesome. Costco was fabulous (insane, I know…) And then I got to watch the Office with my hubby and take a 15 minute nap that seemed like 2 hours. REFRESHING!! Then my sister came over with Lola and Brianna and we got to open up the Valentines Day wine that I never got to share with Matt. It was good. Hehe! I love Trader Joe’s.

Anyhow… got to go to the store and get bottled H20.

Have a great weekend!!

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