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The Original Farmers Market …. Americanized


When I think of farmer’s markets, I picture a bunch of local farmers selling their just picked, dirty, slighty-damaged yet fresh and packed full of flavor produce. There are the vendors too, trying to hock the goods that Ralph’s or Albertsons don’t have room to store in their special produce-ripening refridgerators, but after a few trips you know how to avoid them and their over priced food.

The whole idea of going to a farmer’s market as opposed to the very convienent grocery store (that doesn’t flinch when you pull out your debit card to pay) is that you get produce that is tastier, fresher, closer to home, and healthier.

This place is s major Fail in this aspect. I felt like I was shopping in a Quasi-open air Vons. The produce was stickered and the prices were high. Fruit from Mexico, Canada, and Nes Zealand? I thought we grew apples in America…. Maybe not.

Things were labeled organic but they weren’t actually organic. The fruit was damaged and over priced, but not bursting with flavor. We ended up buying some fruit to get validation for parking. Overall, would not come back to this place for produce… Vons is better.

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Happy Anniversary Booble!!

Four years ago, with a giant swollen belly, a super-cute curly ‘do, and a wad of student loan debt, I convinced Matt to keep walking up the stairs to City Hall where we stood in the never-ending circle and had one of the most perfect weddings $140 can buy.

Four years later, with a small food-baby belly, a frizzy-no-time-to-brush-it-this-morning ‘do, and a wad of wetness-stew the kids cooked up in the bathtub, I still love you more than ever, Matthew Cox. I thank you every day for sharing this crazy wonderful hair-pulling life with me and I can’t imagine walking up those stairs with anyone else but you.

Bottom Line: Listen to your wife, because she’s almost always right. =)

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