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Sunday Mornings

Mylo wakes up at 5:30am every morning. It really sucks when I don’t get to bed until 1am (due to watching the AWESOME Harry Potter movie. Fabulous!)

So yeah, I’m super tired. Now both babies are awake and probably want to eat breakfast. Sigh. I can’t wait until October. I’m going to SF and Matt is taking that Friday off so I can spend a day just bumming around SF. I’m going to get a massage and then do a crossword puzzle while eating lunch and then do a bit of shopping. Hopefully by then I will have lost this food baby attached to my stomach – LOL. I think it’s from the sit ups because it’s pretty firm. I thought it was a real baby one day and bought all these pregnancy tests. Mylo is still the baby (for now.. hehe).

Okay. Kids. Food. I’ll post some pics of the boys soon. They’re growing up so darned fast!

Ciao Tutti!

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