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Same (blog) Skin, New Pledge.

It’s time to do something. I can no longer sit by, watching the news, Michael Moore, and what I see at the Walmart and just complain. I can no longer go on with endless, seemingly pointless discussions about the world, the government, corporations, the debt-riddled middle class, the working poor and not do anything.

But I don’t want to telemarket. I don’t want to preach or call people during dinner, harass them on their way to work, or ask them for a donation. What can I possibly do that will make a difference to this world and the people who call it home without too much effort? Do I have to make signs? Protest on the street? Give up my precious free time? Or time with my children?

And then I was given the answer. A brilliant, easy, wonderful, multi-rewarding answer thanks to the folks behind Food, Inc.

So after the boys destroyed my second laptop plug, I decided it was time to take a break from the Internet and watch some movies. My newest thing is documentaries. I kicked it off with Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room and Capitalism, a Love Story. Then I moved onto our news media, the war in Iraq, weapons of mass destruction… They all have a similar theme: throw a dart at one of the handful of American corporations and see how it’s fucking people over. Matt and I had lots of discussion about corrupt corporations – I believe that anything BIG is bad. I know there are some *ahem, penii!* exceptions, but that list is small.

And then I found Food, Inc. I didn’t want to watch a PETA advert. I cried and vowed (for a day or two) never to eat chicken again after receiving a pamphlet outside of Muir at UCSD. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was serious, it was sad and poignant, yes, but it gave solutions. Real solutions. It told me that I could do something and then broke it down for me.

Firstly, I was not going to eat another hamburger made from 1000 different cattle. I have two boys and I am not losing either one to e. coli, salmonella, heart disease, diabetes, or any other preventable disease. And fuck soybeans. Shame on you Monsanto, making an old man cry on television. (And now I have a good excuse not to “try” tofu. It’s wiggly and tasteless. Bleck. Get over it.) Secondly, the decision wasn’t hard to make. I was going to vote with my dollar. I am fortunate enough to live in a family that survives off on one income. That means I have time to read labels, to travel a bit farther to a farmer’s market to buy local meats and produce. I can bake my own cookies, my own bread. Yeah, my grocery bills may be a bit bigger. $6/gallon for milk!?! That’s one trip to Starbucks… two coffees, no extras.  And since I’m not eating shitty corn-fed, manure-wallowing, ammonia/chlorine washed meat, I save on my trips to fast food restaurants. Thirdly, what an easy way to lose weight! Healthy eating… whooda thunk it?

I’m not turning vegetarian. I’m not turning hippie. I’m turning pro-American. I’m standing up for what my family needs in terms of food. I am standing up for what the families who can’t. I’m supporting the rebuilding of America. I’m supporting small business (and the economy!) and helping to build jobs so things are better for my boys, my neighbours boys (and girls) and all their friends. And I’m looking to you, my fellow readers, to keep me accountable.

I did my first pass at the Mesquite Albertsons’ today and, boy, they don’t make it easy. But it’s a start. =)

It’s a start.


Yes We Can?

I sure hope so.

I woke up this morning amazed at the steps forward America took last night. But we’re not done yet. There is still a ton of bigotry in this world, just look at all the states that imposed (or re-imposed) the ban on gay marriage. Can you imagine paying taxes to a country and then that country not letting you have the same rights and liberties as another??? It just infuriates me so much — but I do have a renewed faith in this country. It won’t come easy and it won’t come swift, but if the past has shown us anything… it will come.

So stay involved and stay active and participate in your democratic process! You are more than just one vote. Last night I was three votes. My sister wasn’t just one vote, she was two. Never think that you can’t make a difference.

*steps down from podium to play with son, who makes it all worth fighting for*

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If a Seven Month Pregnant Woman Can Do It…

… then you can do it!! Get up, get out, and VOTE!!!

So here’s my 2008 election story in detail.

After getting up extra early on Sunday (hurray for Fall Back time changes) my mom, Jaxon, and I went out for a morning of Denny’s eggs and shopping. Preggo pants for me, “real” shoes for Jaxon — because I guess his “peace slippers” aren’t cool enough — and work shoes for Mema.

Matt and I had planned on voting early because with Matt’s crazy work schedule, we didn’t want to miss out due to long lines or something. My mom decided to come along so she wouldn’t have to rush to/from work also. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. If I did… I would have come a bit more prepared… and given my son a nap first.

We arrived at the San Diego County Registar of Voters at 2:21pm. I know this because Elizabeth called to plan for walking later on that night. We were very excited at all the people and the big voting tent. Whoo hoo — early voting!!

My first video was VERY deceiving. I thought the line just turned right under the tents where we voted. 30 minutes max. So unlike when we voted in the primaries and it was me, Matt, and two old ladies. I figured we could get Subway afterward… Oh boy I was wrong.

The horrific line revealed…. about a 5 minute walk (at a brisk pace) to the end…
Or a 3 hour wait.

So while we waited we raided the small cafe for bad coffee. I forgot to bring a bottle or sippy cup for my son, so he had to drink milk out of a carton and a straw (a bit hard for a cranky 1 year old). I didn’t realized that in the time we had waited, I could have driven him home, put him down for a 2 hour nap, fed him, and brought him back (with food and good coffee for everyone else) and still waited another 1.5 hours. Geeze!! And I didn’t want to walk across the street to get Subway.

Matt and Jaxon… still optimistic.

But it wasn’t all misery. While I was trying to get Jaxon to sleep, I ran in to my old friend/Jamba Juice co-worker Brian Flores, who is now a newsman for Fox 5 News in San Diego, and I got to be interviewed for TV! And I still remember how to make a Strawberries Wild! LOL!

Jaxon did manage to sleep for about 30 minutes and then ate the heck out of a piece of toast (of course he wasn’t hungry enough to eat any Ritz crackers — LOL). Matt drank all of his milk. but they had water available that Jaxon sipped on before blowing bubbles in and spilling all over himself.

Mema grimacing at the long lines.

About 3.5 hours later, we found ourselves under the tent — which was MORE LINES!! This is when I realized how great my baby was. He’s a true believer in democracy:

But the line went fast and before we knew it, me (and baby Milo), Jaxon, Mema, and Matt were all in the “privacy” booths, voting. I was like… you know, these booths weren’t very private. Couldn’t they have just given me my ballot so I could vote while waiting in line? I don’t care if everyone knows I’m voting for Obama!! It should have at least been an option.

Also, there were a lot of empty voting booths. I don’t think they were very prepared for the extreme turn out of early voters. But we did it and I’m glad.

Because today it’s raining… Mmmm. Democracy feels good. And that sticker looks damn good on my chest!

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