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Hooray! It’s Friday!

Yay! Today was a good day. Started off with spending the morning with Matt & Jaxon (Mylo likes to sleep in, heh). Then I had a FABULOUS workout at the Y. See my previous posts–I can’t say enough good things about the Y. I was drenched with sweat and then at the end Mylo laughed while I struggled through crunches and lower ab exercizes (bathing suit body here I come!)

Got both boys down for a nap at the same time (heaven!), got our federal refund back – whoo! and then created a new character for Everquest 2 with Mylo. We went to see Daddy at lunch and tried on plastic shoes at Payless! Daddy tried to sneak up on Jaxon but he’s too clever for Daddy!

Got to hang out with my whole family tonight, only Matt, Marilu, and Tyler were missing. It was fun although Lizzie tried to get Jaxon drunk off wine! LOL

Before I forget: The FRIDAY FIVE!

Bottom Five:
5. A tired Mylo.
4. Hurting my knee in step class.
3. Laundry….
2. Jaxon pooping on the carpet.
1. Matt having to work so much.

Top Five:
5. The Y (and Kid’s Place!)
4. Tax refund – whooo!
3. Throwing the tennis ball with Matt
2. Jaxon laughing when I “sipped” out of his cup
1. Mylo talking to me and smiling – I love my sons so much!!!

See you next week!!!

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I Love the Y!

Congratulations to me for working out religiously the entire month of March. Whoo hoo. I love the YMCA. It’s waaaay better than 24Hour Fitness or Bally’s. For one, they have free day care, up to two hours, per child. And your baby can be as young as 3 months old. Also, they have baby friendly classes, so I can work out with Mylo until he’s 3 months old (or I feel comfortable leaving him there without me!) Secondly, the people are SO friendly. Not just the instructors (who are AWESOME) but the other members. They totally go above and beyond — which is just so amazing. It really makes you want to come back without feeling like a putz for getting there late with a GIANT double stroller. Three, they have like a TON of classes at 4 different locations, so I can always find something. I still haven’t been to the Yoga Annex or the pools. Once Mylo is 3 months I’ll have MUCH more variety. Unlike at Bally’s where they’re all… “Just take him home.” And leave him with WHO??? I was in tears, pushing my giant stroller. It was horrible.

BONUS! There are no nasty fat-ass gym guys who try to make you feel stupid and upsell you personal training. Why are those guys always fat??? No, hunny, it’s not buff pecs… it’s man square man boobies. There may be some muscle there… but it’s hidden deep beneath the fat!

Anyhow… Jaxon has finally acclimated himself to the Y’s daycare center (where the girls are FABULOUS!) The lady in charge told me to keep bringing Jaxon back, despite his SCREAMING every time I left him. Because after the first day, I felt really bad having this horribly crying child that I felt I was “pawning off” onto those girls. Anyhow… she was right. Jax is fabulous. Although I ALWAYS leave my sippy cups there. Grrh.

I’m down 2 pounds, which isn’t fabulous, but I have lost 5 inches from my body – including .25″ from my neck! Gross. LOL. Check out my victory dress/gift for working out.
It looks better on me with the fabulous heels that I get to buy if I keep up with the diet (see previous post). I’m super excited about life!!!!

Ciao for now!

PS. Stay away from McDonald’s Cappuccinos. Those people are retarded. I asked for a Cappuccino with non-fat milk and 1/2 the normal amount of sweetener and instead they gave me half the amount of milk. Why?? If I wanted less milk, I would have gotten a small!!! So tried to salvage it at home. The sweetness was overpowering. Lost $2. Sticking with homebrew, or my local coffee shops.

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