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It’s Summertime!

Summer. Shorts, flip flops, tan skin, and the beach. Don’t forget the sun, the glorious sun!

As I’m singing the praise of my favorite season, Jaxon states matter-of-factly that it is NOT summer because the sun has no sunglasses on. I guffawed.

Bottom Line: Three year olds have an awesome view of how the world should be. Glasses or not, it’s summertime! Time to sit back and unwind (time to sit back and unwind…)

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The Heat.

It’s hot. Too hot to be in direct sun without SPF 30 slathered over your limbs. Of course, that is exactly what we are doing. I’m sitting in a bra and shorts. Jaxon has removed everything except his shoes and socks, which are drenched from playing in the water hose. I try to do a crossword puzzle, but the noise from the men across the street is too distracting. I snap photos instead.

Naked Baby Jaxon playing in the water.

Getting an early start on my tan.

The Distracting Workers.

Pretty Garden Flowers.

Heart & Glass design… Hmmm, looks like a dreamcatcher to me!!!

The day settles down into evening. The boys, rested and fed, load up in the car to go to the Kensington House. Now that our tickets are on hold, I need to bust my butt to get the house rented out. The air smells good. Like summer, although it is only March. The breeze reminds me of how much I love San Diego evenings in the summer. Windows down, wind blowing against my warm skin, slightly pink and prickly from being out in the sun too long, my feet dry and clad in worn flip flops… ahhh. I feel free. I am free.