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What is a Winter?

It’s January 15th. It’s 74 degrees. Jaxon and I are lounging in the sunlight that is streaming through the windows as Jessielah radio plays on Pandora. I feel almost too good. I throw my hands in the air and floor dance too Mr. Brightside as that cheeky little tank engine chugs under the tunnel that my knees have created. Slightly uncomfortable with the amount of good that is flowing through my veins, I decide that I must do something. I need to create and expel this pent-up exuberance.

Chapter One complete. Taxes started. Car sold. Dance party in full-effect.

Who would have thought that sunlight and happiness were such powerful drugs?

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Try It, You’ll Like It.

So up until about a minute ago this post was just going to read “Nunya!” Just enough to elicit a chortle from my favorite three readers (teh seksi know who they are). And then I heard this song: I’ve Got Your Number (yes, I’m sending you to myspace, stop yer whining biznatches!) by Passion Pit.

Passion Pit and I became acquainted a few days ago, via a mutual friend who obviously knew I needed to hear this bit of awesomeness (since I am a collector of all things awesome, just like Elijah Wood in Everything is Illuminated — although, I always felt I was more like Alex because I was a VIP and I dug Michael Jackson. Not as much as the MJ guy… no, I won’t be defending Michael Jackson on the bus to a bunch of teens any time soon, but ah, I digress…)

(Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen…it will be that kind of post. Full of Jessielah run on stories. Because women can’t keep a straight mind, according to the older religious guy who tried converting Bruno. See? He was Right!)

So anyway, Passion Pit and I fell in love at first sight pretty much. Like, PP was all like… “here’s two bars of SleepyHead” and then I was all like… “Hhhhii.” (complete with big cheesy grin and dumb girl in love nerd chuckle). Then next thing you know, I’m couched, throwing my arms in the air and chair dancing. Jesus H. Christ Almighty. Have you seen me cry? Tears Like Diiiaaaamonds!! (The singer must have also fallen for Team Edward.) This song makes my heart race. Heaven is music that makes your heart race. There’s some new relationship energy for ya’ face! BAM! Anyhow… they are awesome.

Matt said that all the music I like is like weird remixed 80s music. And as I hear this song, I totally see what he’s talking about. Mmmm, sorry Phoenix, you have been replaced … for now. For now. (pats gently – not one of those shitty, ‘Oh yeah I did remember that you were there while I was dry humping your camel’ pats. This one is like tucking a baby to sleep. A baby Phoenix. Mmmm. French.)

Dammit. I was going to go to bed early tonight. Passion Pit has replaced LD and I’m up late again.  Where’s Matt to (not) enforce the 11pm curfew.

(Jessielah has a strange though, then decides not to share it here, and then laughs, because we’re goofy in love with this song. Right!!)

Alright. I’m going in. Wish me luck.