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Halloween Night

As you may know, I’m a procrastinator… and at the last minute, I could not find a monkey costume that would fit Jaxon, so my plans of us going as the Wicked Witch of the East and a flying Monkey were discarded.

After raiding my closet and making a trip to Target, Jaxon and I ended up dressing as Nerds. (It’s really sad that the only thing I had to buy was a pair of knee high socks for me and an argyle sweater for Jax.) I even made Jaxon a little black bow tie out of one of Matt’s old socks. Heh.

Nerdy Mama, Matt, the “Green-Hand Man”, and nerdy Jaxon.

Matt, wanting to get into the holiday spirit (but not enough to join our clan of nerds) decided to cover himself in green paint and a tin foil hat. He called himself the “Green Hand Man” but the kids decided he was more Oscar the Grouch. Gotta love kids!!

Tyler (who came down with strep) made a full recovery in time to go trick or treating. Michael was putting the finishing touches on his Zombie costume as we arrived at my sister’s house.

Tyler the Zombie tries to eat my brains.

But it was all for naught, when an elderly woman decided that he looked more like “a Hip Hop.” AHHAAAHAA!!!! Hilarious! Lizzie and me were dying laughing.

My mom made both Lizzie and Brianna’s costumes. Brianna’s Wonder Woman costume was so awesome that I thought Lizzie had decided to go out and just buy Brianna’s costume.

Brianna (Wonder Woman) and Kylie (the Dark Queen) dance around the living room.

Of course, even with all of Wonder Woman’s strength, Brianna needed help carrying her candy bag towards the end of the night.

Lizzie looked as sweet as pie as the Prairie Mother, complete with a bonnet and curls!!

Trick or treating was fun. We went to my sister’s neighborhood, because we decided that we weren’t going to collect candy for Jaxon (like I saw some other parents doing for their 1 year olds.) I mean, Jaxon can’t eat it so really it would be for us (and neither of us need to be consuming a bag of candy!)

Lizzie’s spoooooky front porch, complete with creepy dry ice.

It was a lot of fun, and more tiring than I remember as a kid. One year down… at least 10 more to go.

Happy Halloween!!

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