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Happy Memorial Day

Day 6.

Just a quick moment to honor those who do so much for us without us even asking. No matter your personal beliefs or politics, these men and women go out and fight for us. So cheers to my dad and all of the other heroes who do what I would never have the courage to do. Thank you. =)

Day 6. Honored. Awed. Wishing I hadn’t left my photos on my laptop back in San Francisco.

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Missing My Babies.

Day Five of Twenty.

We drove up to Humboldt to drop Columbo off with Ruby’s parents. After getting as much sleep as I could, we woke up to a great surprise: Baby Arthur! Ruby’s 5 month nephew. He is such a happy baby and pinches my arm just like Mylo does. I miss my own boys so much I just don’t know what to do sometimes. I almost wanted to come home after talking to Jaxon. Five days is five days too long. The video chats help, but it’s not the same.I don’t get to kiss them and hold them and have them crawling all over me. Only 15 days left. And that 15 days will include Paris!!!! (next time though, they’re coming with me!!!)

Day 5 of 20. Without by boys but still being attacked by bugs.

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Why is it 5:30am?

Day Four of Twenty.

When you are in your 30s with two babies and are used to going to bed at 11:30pm, you can’t party with 23 year olds and pregnant women, who will keep you out until the sun comes up.

Day Four of Twenty. Tired. Hurting. And slowly dying.

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Cheers to the Rescue!

Day Three of Twenty.
A trip to San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without a night of karaoke. Kimber filled us in on a Pacifica Karaoke secret, Cheers Bar. The drinks were strong and cheap, the place wasn’t crowded, and they allowed dogs. How could we say no? We got in, got some drinks and I got serious with the song books.

Ruby & Kimber looking pretty!

Before we had a song down, Larry the karaoke regular came over and asked who wanted to sing Journey with him. Yes! I volunteered. Big mistake. Next he wanted to know if I knew the words to “No, no, no” by Alicia Keys. Kimber came to my rescue and polietly shooed him away. Three songs later we heard him. Mad props for a 55 year old Asian guy singing Alicia Keys. Classic. Later, Jose the Karaoke Master let me know that he sees Larry all over the peninsula and that he’s like “…a sticky booger you can’t flick off.” I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. We got in a fair number of songs, even Columbo got on stage!

Columbo taking a party-break.

Kimber dancing with this crazy old man.

Sexy Ladies!!

One down, more to go!!

Me after a few…

Ruby after a few more…

Perhaps due to it’s exotic location (in the Safway parking lot), a fair number of celebrites showed up, including Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog and Kimber.

and Edward from Twilight was there to show us that real men DO sparkle and Seth Rogan showing off his new svelt body.

Edward and Seth Rogan.

At 1:59am they confiscated our drinks so we headed to Denny’s where we hung out for what seemed like an eternity. We heard a lot of bad jokes (harshbrowns anyone?) and ate a lot of bad food.


Day Three of Twenty. Drunk. Full. And needing to pee.

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Crazy Heart: A Movie Review (Spoiler Alert)

Day Two of Twenty.

Before the first scene was over, I had pegged the type of movie this would be. Jeff Bridges is an old washed up country star who drowns all his sorrows in booze and self-loathing. He meets Maggie Gyllenhaal and things are good until he does something to screw it up. This event triggers self-realization and he rises up like a phoenix from the flames and has a big rock out farewell concert with everyone he knows and loves cheering him on.

So I turned it off and did the dishes.

Thursday afternoon, Bad Blake (Bridges) and Jeanie (Gyllenhaal) were back on the screen. I was only half paying attention until the “life changing event” happened. I must admit, I was on the edge of my seat. Like Jeanie, I was very hesitant to let her son, Buddy, go off alone with Bad. I knew that he would lose him. I’m not a 57 year old drunk and I almost lost my son! (Mylo escaped from the mall playground and made a mad dash for the escalator.) So yeah, Bad loses Buddy and ruins his chance with Jeanie. He goes to rehab, cleans up, writes music for his famous protege, played by Colin Ferrell. But he doesn’t get his last hoo-rah performance. He doesn’t get the girl. But he does get a chance to be a better person and I kind of liked that.

Later on that night Ruby and I went to Roshani’s for dinner and desert. Roshani was the personal chef for ’90s action star, Steven Seagal.

Our celebrity chef with Miss Ruby.

We had the delectable pleasure of dining on artichoke, gorgonzola, and walnut stuffed ravioli with chicken and balsamic-glazed vegetables. It was delicious. Yum, yum, yum, delicioso!

We stayed up too late watching the exciting last minutes of the Lakers’ game (it was pretty amazing – and that’s coming from a hater of televised sports) and then rounded the evening out with a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck and the last half of Superbad.

Day Two of Twenty. Full. Sleepy. Missing my babies like crazy.

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The Adventure Begins!!!

Day One of Twenty.

So my long awaited vacation has finally arrived. I would be more excited but thanks to Priceline’s AWESOME deals, I had to wake up at 3:30am (yay!) for my 6am flight.

I’m flying Delta and I’ve never flown them before. The check-in counter appeared to be a nightmare (which I wasn’t expecting so early on a Wednesday morning), however save for some teasing on behalf of my giant Driver’s License smile, things went smoothly and I was on my way through security. I was curious to see what kind of plane we’d be on and was greeted with another one of those tiny, claustrophobic planes. Unlike United Express, this jet was not falling apart. This plane looked brand spanking new. Crisp gray leather seats, nifty table trays… whoo!

I sat down (in the wrong seat, I later discovered) and my only complaints were that there wasn’t enough room to comfortably stash my carry-on and that I had to order my drink three times before the flight attendant could make out what I said. But what a drink… not only did Delta offer us the choice of peanuts, pretzels, or cookies, we got a WHOLE can of coke!

All gratis. Nice.

We connected in Salt Lake City. It seemed salty and full of lakes. From what I saw through my tiny airplane window, Salt Lake City reminded me of South Park.

At least the mountains are pretty.

I don’t know how people can live surrounded by mountains and land. Well I guess they have the lakes. Perhaps they are prettier in other seasons. I don’t even remember if they had a downtown. They must.

Salty, marshy, yumminess…

Matt asked if I converted while I was there. I told him I had and that I was getting a second wife… she’d be my glorified nanny that I didn’t have to pay. Who’s on dishes tonight? Second wife. Nice.

Thirty minutes later we boarded for Oakland. We were taken down the strangest corridor to *gasp* an outside plane. What? What is this? Nice tarp covering, Delta.

If it rains, you ten people will be fine. Everyone else? Well, it’s a good time to think about joining the Elite Plus program.

Once again, I expected something crappy, but Delta showed me up with another good looking plane. I got an aisle seat (the correct seat this time) and had more room for my carry on bag. I really enjoyed aisle seating. I had extra arm and leg room and when I had to go use the microscopic bathroom, I didn’t have to mouth an embarrassed “Excuse me” to my fellow passenger. I just got up and went. Nice.

The flight was longer than it would have been if I had a direct flight, but I was a little less peeved at Priceline by the time I reached Oakland. The flights were nice, the planes were spiffy, and who can say anything bad about a free can of Coke?

Day One of Twenty. Exhausted. Missing my boys painfully. Happy to be on a new adventure.

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Just When I Was Starting to Like You…

… you start effing with me in a most heinous way. I am, of course, referring to and my most recent experience with them.

If I stand like THIS! You may not notice what a crappy flight you won!

After checking the Southwest flights back in April ($229/OW from Dallas to SF), I decided that I would save money if I booked my flight to SF with Priceline. After battling with the internal guilt of leaving Matt and the boys for so long, I decided I was going to leave Thursday and try to come back on Monday. I put in a ton of different bids, different days… they would offer me something that I wanted and then “Oops! Sorry, that flight doesn’t exist.” Well then why did you offer it to me?!?!

Sigh. And then, after three days of bidding, “Congratulations! Your offer was accepted!” Hmm? What? I couldn’t even remember what offer I put in. $300. Crap. Wednesday departure. Doh! And then the good news. I fly to Oakland instead of SFO via Salt Lake City (wwwhhhaaa?) at 6am. Um, excuse me. Did you say 6am? Yes, Jessielah. We said 6am. On both flights. Getting up early is good for you. Also, since you’re flying on a Nickle and Dime you airlines, you get to pay an extra $25 each way for (how did Delta put this) an Excessive Baggage Fee. Excessive Baggage? Wait. I’m pretty sure I had one checked bag. They’re making me sounds like I’m friking Kim Kardashian. Excessive baggage. Psshaw. Including taxes, I’ll have spent almost $400. For that price I could have flown Southwest, checked two bags, and gotten points towards a free flight. Sigh.

Lesson learned: 1. Buy your tickets in advance and 2. Always be on your guard when dealing with Priceline. They’re waiting for you to get upset and frustrated and overbid.


Precious: A Movie Review

My eyes are red and I have a head ache. I just finished watching Precious. I remember seeing the previews for it when Matt & I tried to watch Goodbye Solo.(Another GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it) The previews alone brought tears to my eyes. The movie did not disappoint. I saw myself in Precious. Not the big things… My mom & dad (while not always the greatest) did not abuse us or neglect me. I can read, I’m not HIV positive, and (back then at least) I didn’t have two children.

But the smaller things… I saw myself in Precious. I was that big and can remember (on countless occasions) dreaming of being really skinny with long, straight hair. (The irony of it now is not lost on me.) I would dance and sing in front of the mirror, pretend that I had my own cooking show or make-up shop on QVC. I would stare out the window and imagine myself someplace different, as someone better. I had fantasies of having a boyfriend and him picking me up and taking me out on a real date. He didn’t have to be light-skinned with green eyes, he just had to be real, not-gay, and above all else, he had to like me. I wanted to raise my hand and talk out in class… I knew all the answers, but sat silently in the back, afraid of what would happen next. I saw strength in Precious, the love for her children and the love for herself. And I was uplifted by Ms. Rain, who dedicated herself to helping those six girls achieve their full potential. It made me feel good for the small accomplishment that I made today, going to the Farmer’s Market and not being bullied into buying eggs that weren’t what I wanted (I got my pasture eggs!). I thought, like Ms. Rain helped Precious (and therefore helping Precious’s children and THEIR children) I am helping my children. It’s on a much smaller scale, but it’s very motivating to keep at it… especially when it is so hard (and so easy) to revert to old habits.

Anyhow, if you need a bit of hope then move Precious to the top of your queue. Five stars. The most touching scene is where it seems like all is lost and life is pretty much over and Precious says that no body loves her. And now, I have felt like this numerous times. I am sure everyone has.. where you feel helpless and all alone. And Ms. Rain replies.. your baby loves you, I love you. And it just made me glad to have my two little monsters and my friend and family. I haven’t cried as much since Life is Beautiful. Perhaps I am just a sucker for movies where parents do right by their children. =)

And before this gets anymore melodramatic… your Friday Five:

5.Farm fresh, pasture-raised deliciousness!

4.Jumping Jax!

3.Two babies, one chair, one beagle… they must be up to no good.

2. Pee-pee in the potty!!



Mother’s Day (a photo blog)

Egg and cheese croissants, roses, Joel Osteen cards, bike rides, giant bugs, and two bundles of crazy… I couldn’t have asked for a better day. =)

Simplistic beauty in a water glass…

We’re pretty much obsessed with this guy’s teeth.

Jaxon and Mama at White Rock Lake.

My boys…

A biking accident gone horribly wrong…

…a possible suspect, the Texas-sized bug.

Getting into shenanigans.

My Happy Little Boy.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Two Hours In Albuquerque (a photo blog)

I was doing some computer house cleaning and found some of photos I never got around to blogging about. These were taken the beginning of April in the Albuquerque airport lounge area, while we waited for our connecting flight to Dallas. What a nice way to spend two hours…

Mylo and the beauty of New Mexico.

Jaxon watches the planes go by.

Mylo playing with the trucks.

A plane flies overhead.

Best Friends.

Awe Inspiring…

Little Mylo.

My first born.

Big Feet, Little Feet.

Mylo looks off into the distance.

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