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Shitty kids

on March 8, 2012

So I’m at McDonald’s killjng two birds (park and dinner) with one stone when this shitty little girl come up to me and asks if Mylo is a girl. Ok. Mylo is wearing a blue shirt with a blue flannel and khaki pants. He’s sporting a tight mini-fro not some long I-can’t-bear-to-cut-it flowing tresses. Oh. And he’s wearing pink crocs.
So that must mean he is a girl.
I had to bite my tongue not to answer the seven-year-old with a smart assed “Does he look like a girl?” or “Are you retarded?” remark.

Five minutes later she’s complaining to me about Jaxon wanting to play with her. At least her mother rescued me from that nightmare.

I don’t think shitty ass smart mouth kids should get a pass just because they’re kids. It usually leads to shitty ass adults.



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