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She-Ra, Princess of Power!

on July 10, 2011

Move over, Family GUY. Step aside, American DAD. And I love you BOB’S Burgers but there is a new cartoon that has stolen my Sunday night wind-down routine.

For the Honor of GraySkull, I am She-Ra!

It caught my eye on Netflix last week and before I knew it, I was passing over The Cleveland Show to watch She-Ra.

I was a huge She-Ra fan back when I was a kid. I had all of the action figures: She-Ra, Bow,  Glimmer, Queen Angella, Castaspella, Frosta, Catra… all decked out in their ample-breasted, painted super-suits and wedge-heel boots. I also had the bad guys: Hordak, Grizzlor, and Mantanna. And I even had the Crystal Castle and Swift Wind! A flying unicorn with rainbow wings?!? What could be more girly than that?

I used to make She-Ra and Hordak kiss, and erm, hump… (photo: Amanda Jane Penrose)

The first episode had Matt and I rolling on the floor laughing our asses off (I know that I just wrote that out…) Adam (He-Man) sounded like Matthew Broderick in a hot pink vest, Bow wore had a red valentine heart on his chest, and the leader of the rebellion was a purple-clad girl named Glimmer?!? Really? Really?  This is what appeals to girls. Hahahaha!!

And as soon as She-Ra got her own spin-off series, Princess Adora (her alter ego) went overkill turning into She-Ra. “A bunny is in trouble? I don’t like that, and neither does She-Ra!” **ssnniff**

Bottom Line: The best part of this show is the ending credits song: “For the power of love, we have the power so can you, Oooooh!”


One response to “She-Ra, Princess of Power!

  1. junkyardsam says:

    OMG you are torturing me with this cartoon! It makes me feel so dirty and ruined inside, this show. The audio, the details, those horrible voiceovers! hehe

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