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Proposal Would Punish PARENTS of ‘Sexting’ Teens

on February 7, 2011

Originally I was just going to publish this link on my Facebook page with a WTF?!?! comment underneath, but before I knew it, the comment was more like a paragraph… so off to the blog to properly rant about this.

First, if you don’t know what I’m about to go off about, check out the article here: Proposal Would Punish PARENTS of ‘Sexting’ Teens

All done? Okay, good! On to the rant!

So you have the sex talk with your kid. You hope that they wait until they are 30 and married, but then you think back to your own youth and know that’s not likely to happen. But you tell your kid to be careful and … he listens! He doesn’t go all Jonas Brothers on you, but he’s not banging every other girl in the back of your old Kia Rondo. But then he gets caught…. **DANT DANT DAAAAHHH** ‘sexting’.

What do you do?

Before you can get a look at the photo to laugh (or cry), TX State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-Austin) wants to stick your kid with a Class C misdemeanor. Yup. Theft, Simple assault, marijuana possession, and dirty text messaging. But you, the parent, can get that reduced if you take a class on the DANGERS!!! of ‘sexting’!!  Danger? Didn’t you know? Sexting is the gateway to unprotected sex, STDs, unwanted babies, prostitution, the unemployment rate, and pot holes.

But it’s better for the kids. Before, teens could get charged with underage sex trafficking… for sending a photo of themselves to person they’re looking to bang. Really? Reaally?!?

Really though, my beef isn’t even about ‘sexting’. My problem is with the government telling me how I am going to raise my kid. What if I don’t care if my kid is ‘sexting’? What if I believe that ‘sexting’ replaces actual sex, and therefore saves me time and money and stress? You mean I have no say in what my kid does? You mean to tell me, while I am sane and competent enough to provide my kid with love, food, clothing, shelter, and a cell phone, I am unable to provide my own rules?

But you don’t have a girl! It’s different! What if her photos get out?!?! Unless someone is holding her down against her will and snapping photos (which, um, we already have laws against) then all you, the parent, have to do is TAKE AWAY THE GODDAMNED CELL PHONE!!!

And there’s nothing like a good “I told you so” to reinforce what ever responsibility speech you gave your child when you handed them the cell phone in  the first place.

Bottom line: It’s not the government’s place to take away the joy I will get from confiscating away Jaxon and Mylo’s cell phones.


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