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Flashback: Books!

on February 6, 2011

As much as I love music, I’ve never shown up at midnight at Borders to wait in line for the first few copies of a CD. I can’t say the same thing about books. I can still remember how bent out of shape I was when Ruby and Kim wouldn’t drive an extra 2 hours north up to Eureka so we could get the Harry Potter book at midnight and I was forced to wait like a whole weekend before gobbling it up in a day.

I will let a good book totally eff over my sleep and take over my life… I remember swearing off books (like they were a hard core drug) after the Twilight series stole almost three full days of sleep. Thank goodness Jaxon was still too little to climb over the baby gate!

The other night Matt & I are watching Family Guy and Peter is reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book — rapidly flipping back when he gets to an end he doesn’t like. I am instantly transfered back to Franklin Elementary’s library, where I read every single Choose Your Own Adventure story that we had. I was obsessed.

I almost began laughing out loud when I found the cover art for the books. I could remember all of the stories as well as smell the rough, yellowing paper of the books that you had to turn oh-so carefully to keep the pages from popping out. A glutton for 80s adventure, I’d flip back and flip back, hoping to read as many of the story lines as possible. It was so frustrating, though, when you would choose totally different things, and still die. It’s probably why when I happened upon this Comedy Goldmine a few years back, I was wiping away tears by the end.

Following are a few of my favorites:

Choose Your Own AdventureYes, no matter how much you back pedal, you can’t escape your fate…

Choose Your Own AdventureI remember this one — wtf, though, how did vampires get in space?

Choose Your Own AdvetureFor a split second, I thought the disco ball was part of the original work…

And what’s with the pick-pocket co-pilot?

Choose Your Own AdventureScary-glasses android with giant yellow cell phone, floating midget, stairs from nowhere… Who designed this?!?

If you need to waste some time on the internet, check out the rest at

Ah, the good old days of bad cover art paper back books. Being 10 was awesome.


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