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That Was Intense!

on January 25, 2011

Repo Man’s always intense.

I didn’t know Snoop Dogg was in this Movie… (points? please!)

Now the irony has not been lost on me that after 12 days of Christmas Cookies, my latest series has been all about trying to fast. However, after such an extravagant indulgence, it’s probably best for my body to get a break from all the crap and detoxify and drop some el-bees.

Got my blood test results back and the good news is that my vitamin D is up to a normal range, my good cholesterol (HDL) is slightly up while my bad cholesterol (LDL) is down, and my B12 is looking good still. Bad news is that I still have a major iron deficiency despite cooking everything in a cast iron skillet and taking supplements as often as I can remember them. Boo.

Anyhow, I’m doing better in a few areas, except that I need to make another 6 pounds disappear before I go into to see the Dr. (I need my annual hug, damnit!) So I’m doing the 3-day Juice fast with Matt.

Basically we can have unlimited juices (fruit & vegetable), water, and herbal tea. The juice gives your body energy to load the dishwasher, build trains, and break up fights. Also, I plan to give up body building for the three days, so the lo-cal-ness should be fine.

Expect lots of whining and complaining … and well general Jessielah-ness.

It’s V8 time, yeah!!



One response to “That Was Intense!

  1. Debbi Cox says:

    Hey Jess- According to several vitamin gurus, Vitamin E can raise your iron levels. Don’t take it at the same time as an iron supplement though. Keep on with the cast iron too.

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