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What is a Winter?

on January 22, 2011

It’s January 15th. It’s 74 degrees. Jaxon and I are lounging in the sunlight that is streaming through the windows as Jessielah radio plays on Pandora. I feel almost too good. I throw my hands in the air and floor dance too Mr. Brightside as that cheeky little tank engine chugs under the tunnel that my knees have created. Slightly uncomfortable with the amount of good that is flowing through my veins, I decide that I must do something. I need to create and expel this pent-up exuberance.

Chapter One complete. Taxes started. Car sold. Dance party in full-effect.

Who would have thought that sunlight and happiness were such powerful drugs?


One response to “What is a Winter?

  1. Junkyard Sam says:

    I’m so glad the sunshine is back.
    And our boys are obsessed with Thomas.
    Thomas The Tank Engine is there during playtime, in the bath – and even storytime. Holy Fazoli. And tonight Jax was reciting the words to the book for 6 full pages…

    Our little Jax is turning into a Tank Engine.

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