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My Fabulous One Day Fast

on January 22, 2011

It all started with blood work.

I had labs ordered back in November 2010 and was required to fast 12 hours prior to having the work done. Obviously, you’re supposed to stop eating at 8, sleep, and then get your ass to the hospital before breakfast. I don’t know why this was so hard for me to do, but it was. A month passed. No labs. I got a reminder letter. No labs. We sailed into the new year. No labs. Then I crashed, leading to major depression and poking Matt in the hand with an eye-glass screw-driver. Friday morning I was determined to make myself smile as much as possible to force the depression out.  And then I got on the scale. Up another pound. UUUUGGGHHHHH!!! (I guess that is what I get for eating the box of Cheez-Its while trying to get Mario through the star-level instead of, you know, going outside and enjoying the 78 degree weather.) So, I decided to not eat breakfast. I got dressed and drove down to Sunset to get my blood drawn.

8 vials later….

I get home, take a handful of vitamins and decide… well, I’m not that hungry. I’ll have some coffee. I clean, we go to the park., the boys have lunch. I think… well, I’m not that hungry. I’ll have some water. We hand over the keys to the Yaris (whoo!), I tell a funny story, do some more cleaning, then watch Thomas with Jaxon as Mylo naps. I’m still not that hungry. I make dinner for the boys and have some apple juice.

Sayonara to artificial orange food.

Three hours later, the hunger sets in. I am hungry. I am very hungry. And this is when I make the conscious decision to fast. Now, I am not doing a full-on no-calories fast. I took my vitamins with juice and had two iced coffees. This is just a no food fast to get all the Cheez-its and cranberry orange scones out. I turn off the kitchen lights, tuck the boys into bed, and lock myself away in the room. The hunger goes away as I start planning for my vacation. And then around 9pm, I pooped. So strange. Who poops at night? I always go in the morning, every morning, like clockwork. I’m fascinated and feeling really in control. Now it’s not about not being hungry or being too lazy to cook anything. It’s my will power. I found it somewhere while looking for the power cord to my laptop. Yay! I go to sleep feeling better than I have all week.

This morning I woke up and weighed myself. 159! Down 3.8 pounds! Whooo! Now I know that I did not burn 13,300 calories yesterday. There are day-to-day fluctuations, plus I no longer have the old misery weighing me down, but I’m motivated to try a second day. Maybe I’ll succeed… maybe I’ll give into the breakfast at EAT. Worst case scenario: I did enough to burn off the box of Cheez-its. Best case scenario: I have another night poop!!


One response to “My Fabulous One Day Fast

  1. Junkyard Sam says:

    Hang in there, love! I think the most important thing in a fast is learning to control what and how much is eaten!

    PS. The catchy opening line wasn’t lost on me, lol.

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