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On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

on December 16, 2010

… four Yummy Chocolate Crinkles, three Rock-hard Sugar cookies, two Chocolate Melting Moments and some fabulously delicious Checkerboard Coook-kiiiees!

Delicate, yet surprisingly durable.

Story Time!!! It was 2001 and I was working at Torrey Pines in a Chemistry lab. I wasn’t a chemist (and thought that chemistry would have nothing to do with me after I mistook photons for protons freshman year, which I’m sure still gives Ruby and Chris & Ritesh a chuckle), but because I could cook and could handle “cooking” several items at once, I was hired on to make dye for contact lenses. The husband and wife owners were from the Czech republic and around Christmas time I ended up at their house (I have no idea how or why) where the wife was making Christmas cookies. It was delightful! Delicate cookies, jam-filled cookies, rolled and dropped cookies, red cookies and green cookies and cookies with sparkles and sugar.  Ever since then, I wanted to make cookies like that. Last year I started up my Christmas cookie tradition and was pretty impressed with my rum balls and Linzer Cookies. This year I wanted to go even further. I wanted a table filled with delightful cookies like I had seen so many years ago.

Now that I have started to pack the cookies to be shipped off, I am reminded of why I told myself last year that I wasn’t going to go out of control and make 10 different types of cookies. Sigh.

However, these Chocolate Crinkles were not only super easy to make (Jaxon helped me roll them in powdered sugar to make “sno-balls”!) but they taste really yummy and they are like the easiest thing to pack in my cookie tins. Definitely expect to find these in your hands or in your mail box next week!


One response to “On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

  1. lizzie says:

    I’m so glad youre back to blogging@!!! CALL ME

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