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On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

on December 15, 2010

… three Rock-hard Sugar cookies, two Chocolate Melting Moments and some fabulously delicious Checkerboard Coook-kiiiees!

Some cookies just aren’t meant to have the “Snookie-Tan”.

First off. I just finished The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon. Sara gave it to me and at first I wasn’t particularly interested in reading it. But I had gotten back into writing and heard that the best writers are reading all the time. It’s a “sci-fi” award winner and that’s close to the make-believe world I’ve created so I make up my mind to read the book. It didn’t make it with me to the gym on Friday or Monday, but Tuesday at the park I found it in my bag after being dragged to the park (don’t get me started on my hatred of playgrounds) without anything to occupy my time when the boys weren’t fighting or falling. The first line hooks me. It’s set in a very realistic future (you almost forget that it’s a sci-fi book) and the story revolves around a guy with functional autism – he has a job, a car, he goes to church and fences. It’s a great character driven story — I like all of them, even the ones you are not supposed to like, because they exist in my world as well. The book gives fascinating insight on what is “normal” versus what isn’t, as well as shining a light on problems we face as a society and how we humans function within a society. It was interesting how I could relate what was happening in the book to the documentary following soldiers in Afghanistan that Matt was watching. It was a quick read too. I finished it in about 6 hours between my time at the park, all of last night and this morning. I really couldn’t put it down. Great book!

Now onto some cookie-ness. Matt’s mom sent me a ton of cookie cutters last Christmas and this year I thought it would be fun if the boys and I cut out cookies together. Since the sugar cookies I made last year went over well, I followed the same recipe at Joy of

Jaxon knows that only the top chefs cut cookies sans pants.

The boys had a great time selecting cookie cutters and pressing it into the dough. I did have to put aside my burning desire to have the cookies look picture perfect and let the boys do their thing. Mylo went a little crazy and would just keep mashing his cutter into the dough, ruining his cookie and the ones around him, but he was really into it. Jaxon had fun with the shapes and the train (of course) but I think he was most excited about eating them.

Mylo cuts a star cookie. At least he’s got a diaper on.

Unfortunately, I over-baked the cookies. I expected a semi-soft cookie. Nope. Rock. Hard. (That’s what she said.) Poor Jaxon. He kept going back to look at them, but they were pretty much inedible. At least we had fun making them!!!


One response to “On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

  1. Junkyard Sam says:

    OMG. Our babies are adorableness.

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