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The Education Myth

on September 17, 2010

My newest procrastination “thing” is to read the comments of politically heated news articles. It’s amazing how honest (i.e., nasty, stupid, ill-informed, etc…) people are under the anonymity of the Internet. I could dedicate an entire post to that, but not today.

So, I’m reading the comments under an article about the economy/November elections, where the Tea-Party Express is celebrating its wins over “RiNO” candidate, Mike Castle. Amidst all the crazies, there is a lone “liberal” defending the Democratic position regarding jobs. He makes the argument that if Americans had better education then we wouldn’t have this incredible unemployment rate. Hmmm, let’s think about that.

Does it really make sense that jobs went away because Americans are “dumb”? Does it make sense that a staggering chunk of our jobs were shipped overseas because the Chinese factory workers making $2/day were more educated than us? While I fully and wholeheartedly agree that Americans are suffering from becoming a nation of test-takers who lack basic critical thinking skills that prevent us from questioning the politicians who enact policies that allow our jobs to be shipped overseas, I don’t agree that our lack of jobs is directly correlated to our (lack of) education.

Under that argument, if we become more educated, jobs will come back. They will? Corporations will take a profit loss to hire educated Americans that will now demand a higher salary to pay off those student loans along with benefits like health care, retirement 401K, 10 days paid vacation, and a 40 hour workweek….? Really? No.

The Democrats are using education – which does need to be greatly improved upon – as a scapegoat for the jobless rate. Yes, our education system need a major overhaul. But that’s not what is going to bring jobs back. The truth is that jobs aren’t coming back… not unless we protect our borders (and I’m not talking about immigration) and make it profitable for businesses to hire Americans over factory slaves.

And I don’t buy the whole “Americans are moving away from manufacturing jobs.” Are we driving around in ideas or cars? I am all for making a profit, but not at the expense of an entire class of citizens, hardworking citizens that can build something (and then buy it and use it) without a $100K Ph.D..


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