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Happy Birthday to ME!!

on September 13, 2010

And in celebration of my 24th* birthday, here’s 24 reasons why today rocks:

1. Waking up this morning to the pitter patter of four little feet and wondering “Why is Matt getting up and taking them out of the room?”

And then I remembered… today is mah mutha effing birfday!!!!

2. Rolling over and going back to sleep after previously said realization.

3. Waking up to Mylo talking to me while putting olives in my hair.

4. The Pumpkin Spice Latte (valued at $4.45) FOR FREEEEE!!! Thanks, Starbucks.

5. Watching the boys play at the park and remembering when they were teeny tiny and made sounds like cats.

6. Birthday email from Ruby!

7. Saying “EFF IT” to vacuuming! (for today, anyway.)

8. Matt surprising me by coming home at 12:30 and then running errands while I goof off on the Internet!!!

9. The giant, almost-toilet clogging poop that motivated me to write this list of awesome birthday things. Seriously. You guys know it. Giant poops are always awesome.

10. Birthday cake from Portos. Mmmmmmmm… and potato balls. Yum. Yum. Yum.

11. Balloons and streamers!!

12. Beautiful, blue skies without the nasty heat that usually accompanies them.

13. Birthdays on Facebook. It’s all about the love!

14. The movie Date Night. Sometimes stupid can be a good thing…. and entertaining!

15. Watching videos of baby Jaxon.

16. Watching videos of baby Mylo.

17. Watching videos of Lizzie telling the camera that she “loves placenta!” Oh, my sister cracks me up.

18. Reading comments off of Drudge Report links. Sometimes stupid can be a bad thing… but entertaining nevertheless.

19. Being born.

20. The “HAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YAH!” song. What was that like 17 years ago (um, erm, uh,  I mean… 9 years ago. Heh.)

21. Making music — oh I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

22. Hot birthday sex (don’t you know it!)

23. Did I mention that Matt took the boys with him to run errands for me while I play on the Internet? Cause, that’s pretty much tops.

24. Tons of hugs and birthday love!!!

Birthdays Rule!! Almost as much as birthday cake!!!

* = shhhh, it’s okay, just go along with it. It will feel good, I promise. =)

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