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Drugs Are Bad…

on August 20, 2010

… especially the ones that you don’t know you are addicted to, like caffeine.

Three years ago I was making breakfast with my roommate Paul and his girlfriend and we were talking about coffee and I announced that I wasn’t going to drink it anymore. They looked at me like I just said I was going to practice my swan dive off the Golden Gate Bridge. What about the headaches?? They asked. Headaches? I don’t get headaches from coffee. I don’t drink that much. And then next day I had a protein shake instead of coffee and headed out to suffer in Desjardin’s Musicianship class, headache free.

Fast forward four years, one husband, two babies, and five moves later. After an exhausting trip to SF for Matt’s interview filled with copious coffee drinking and plenty of bad food, we announce that we are fasting – including no coffee… because it’s too easy to add milk and sugar to your coffee and then next thing you know, you’re eating the few delicious things in your fridge. I wake up, drink some ginger tea (talk about peppery!) and I’m feeling fine. A few hours later I start to feel sluggish. We go  to the store for milk. I am counting down the hours until I can crawl into bed. Everything is getting hazy. I drink more water. We get home and watch a movie “A Single Man”. I just couldn’t seem to concentrate on it. Why am I so tired?? Deciding that I need a formulaic Hollywood type move, I pop in “The Blind Side” and watch. About half way through I develop this nasty headache. Everything is foggy. Kids are just kind of all over the place. Matt has passed out on the couch. After the movie, we decide that perhaps we should eat something. Fast failed due to salad and kids not eating the delicious chicken quesadillas I made for them. (Lucky parents.) By 7pm I was pretty much debilitated. My head felt as if I had been bashed repeatedly over the head with a 2×4. I passed out on the bed, only to be woken up by this nasty headache.

This morning I still felt like crap, so I popped two Tylenol and drank a half cup of caffeinated tea. Like 5 minutes later I was all peppy and smiling. WTF? I never thought caffeine withdrawal would knock me off my ass like that. No wonder Paul and his girlfriend were so freaked out four years ago. And then when I got some caffeine back in my system…! That’s one nasty drug. And I am addicted… because later, after we got some updated Matt-job news, we had to get iced coffees just to think.

Bottom Line: Starbucks is a liquor store that doesn’t sell chips.


One response to “Drugs Are Bad…

  1. lizzie says:

    your funny the last line is HILARIOUS!!!!

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