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4pm is Pudding Time.

on July 21, 2010

Trader Joe’s, you’ve fooled us yet again.

Last week, we’re at Trader Joe’s looking for bread crumbs when my two-year old son hands me a fancy package. What is this, I mutter out loud. Jaxon says something that I can’t understand, jumps, points, and laughs. It’s Instant Chocolate Pudding.

I shudder. I hate… hate pudding. Want to know what is worse that white, creamy things? Brown creamy things. I won’t go into details but ever since visiting the school bathroom in first grade, I’ve gone off pudding. But Jaxon wants it and it’s like $1.99 and not filled with high fructose glop. So I buy it and into the cupboard it went until today. Jaxon is jumping and dancing around the kitchen like a Broadway performer. Matt looks at what he is pointing at. It’s Instant Chocolate Pudding.

“HOW DOES HE EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS IS?” Matt exclaims. I shrug and blame the old school toy-like packaging. It’s easy enough to  make. 2 cups of milk + pudding mix. Stir. Sets in 5 minutes. “Sholet! Sholet!” Jaxon shouts dancing around with Mylo – whose agenda is to get the mandarin oranges from the fridge by any means necessary. I stir till it starts to thicken. It looks like Ovaltine. I let him lick the whisk which results in an impromptu dance and wiggle. I put the bowl in the fridge and read the package.

“Trader Joe’s Instant Chocolate Pudding is made with Dutched cocoa and is a rich, creamy desert… Your kids will love it and so will the kid in you…”

Hmmm. Where have I heard this before? I am skeptical, but Jaxon is jumping around like he won the lottery so we wait. 5 minutes later, I retrieve the pudding. It’s wiggly and pudding-like. I taste it. Bleck. Taste like pudding. The true test. I scoop a few spoonfuls into a bowl for Jaxon (don’t want to spoil his finicky appetite as it’s 4pm.) He dances and sings all the way to the table. He takes a bite. Stops. Looks down. I wanted to laugh out loud. He takes a few more bites, just to be polite, and then brings me his bowl. “Awl doen.” I’m sure you are, Jaxy my boy. I’m sure you are.

Bottom Line: 25 years later and pudding is still gross. Nice to know I haven’t missed out on much.


4 responses to “4pm is Pudding Time.

  1. Ruby says:

    I love picturing Jaxon jumping around in excitement. That’s my favorite part about this post. 🙂

  2. sara says:

    “All done,” huh? SUPER cute & SUPER sweet! Your little boy is getting to be so polite!

  3. Matt says:

    I have these weird memories of this kid across the street — his grandfather would always serve us up warm chocolate pudding and toast… “James”, his name was, but I can’t look him up ’cause I have no last name.

    His older brother was super creepy though, with giant nudey pinups and centerfolds pasted all over his walls.

    For someone that dug girls so much, how did he expect to get one with that stuff up on the walls? Gotta keep that stuff in your head, guy.

    Not sure why I’m writing this. But it needed to come out.

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