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Too. Much. Poo.

on July 16, 2010

Warning: The following post is not for the faint of heart. Proceed at your own risk.

I have developed a theory that if my stress levels depreciate below the threshold of 4 out of 10 (10 being maximum stress), then an event will occur to boost my stress back to the threshold level.

Example: The stress of boys playing in area with broken glass – cleaned up, boys need bottles – made, Jaxon needs to potty – done, breakfast needs to be made and eaten – complete, and then it gets quiet. I pour myself a cup of coffee and inhale its aroma like I’m in a Folger’s commercial. I add cream and sweetener and stir slowly. I take a sip. Perfect. I walk into the living room and sit down. Ahhhh. Stress level rapidly drops to 2 (would be 1 except that the living room is strewn with toys and children). Then Jaxon walks out of his room, limping. What’s – I see his foot and gasp. Poop.

NOOOOOOO!!! Stress level 9 of 10.

I scoop Jaxon up and stick him in the tub, then run into the room to see what I have to deal with.

At least it still has its shape, right?

Bottom Line: If your stress level seems unusually low, your kids are up to no good.


3 responses to “Too. Much. Poo.

  1. jessielah says:

    UPDATE: Thursday we didn’t have any accidents! Jaxon pee-pee’d in the potty all by himself and then took a giant poop in the potty … while I was in the other room!!! At dinner, he even pee-pee’d in the big potty. It was quite an exciting day for Jaxon and for me, Jaxon’s mother. Whoohoo!!

  2. lizzie says:

    That picture is sooo graphic!!!!

  3. niki says:

    haha! that is so f-ing funny i almost pooped MY pants! thank you for this post.

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