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Stop Selling Your Used Stuff for Full Price.

on July 11, 2010

Dear Craigslist Seller (owners, I’m talking specifically to you):

Just because you bought said overpriced piece of furniture for way more than what is worth (because you are dumb and shop at Pottery Barn, West Elm, World Market, or some other wannabe high end store that sells crap at an unbelievable mark-up), does not mean that you can sell the same said overpriced piece of furniture for $30 less than what you paid for it. I don’t care if you only had it for two years, nine months, or three weeks.

It. Is. Used.

sale-kf3gg-1833292599 is practically giving away this piece of crap for only $145.

$145? For that old, faded rug? Really? And I am sure that these people paid $300 (or less) like 4 or 5 years ago and thought to themselves… “$145 is a great price. It’s a bargain! I’m practically giving it away for less than half of what I paid FIVE YEARS AGO.”

I’ve tested the Craigslist markets in Dallas, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, and San Diego. So far, San Diego has been the worst offender, while SF usually just leaves stuff out with a Curb Alert. It’s not a true random sampling, but that’s okay because I’m always right.


4 responses to “Stop Selling Your Used Stuff for Full Price.

  1. SIR Matthew William says:

    I was thinking how cheap the Craigslist buyers are. I’m selling a nice 24″ tv for $20 bucks. But nooo.. that’s too much for craigslist. they want 10 for a perfectly working television.

    I say whatever to you..

    • jessielah says:

      You make my point. It’s used. It probably cost you between $99 and $129. Or maybe you bought the Sony instead of the Acer. But I am 92% sure it is old and heavy as shit. “But it’s a FLAT SCREEN!” So. What.

      And although your $20 TV is a way better deal than what one of my dear readers paid – 2 monthly muni passes to a “friend” – it’s still used and both you and the “friend” should have done what I did with my 24″ TV. Give it away for FREE.

      They’d been doing you a favor by hauling it off. And you could have had a dinner or a drink at TGI Fridays. But now you just have sore fingers.

      (but thanks for posting!! hehehe)

      • Ruby says:

        I think the lesson here is that SIR Matthew William needs to find a kind-hearted and generous friend to sell his TV to. I bet it doesn’t even have a remote either.

  2. jessielah says:

    UPDATE: The rug is still for sale. Now at a reduced price of $115.

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