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Something About Sucking It….?

on July 6, 2010

I can’t really remember if it was actually posted, but I remember telling IKEA that they could suck it a while back. Maybe it was something I said to myself, or something I overheard in a dream. I am sure it was in reference to IKEA’s extremely overpriced particle board furniture. Well, IKEA, I take it back… sort of.

My new dining room wall, courtesy of IKEA’s genius decorating team and their $2.99 painted mirrors.

That is also an reconstituted IKEA dining table made from an old IKEA coffee table and IKEA desk legs. Those aren’t IKEA plates but that is an IKEA salad bowl and one IKEA child. The other one came from Target.


2 responses to “Something About Sucking It….?

  1. Junkyard Sam says:

    NO!!! After assembling that beast of a bookcase/shelf thing in our living room *I* will carry on the “IKEA, SUCK IT!!!” torch! Granted, it turned out nice for the cost of 3 Olive Garden lunches…

    BUT it was HELL to get together, and now we’re going to have to hook up a rope contraption to squeeze it into closure!!! ARgh!!


  2. Ruby says:

    Matt’s is the one from Target. Obviously.

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