adventures in awesomeness…

It’s Friday….

on July 2, 2010

… you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do! Because it’s a three day weekend!!!!

Actually, I do have shit to do… lots of shit to do. It’s called unpacking the closet. Sigh. But first, a little photo road trip I like to call…. the FRIDAY FIVE!!!

5.So long Texas heat! So long Mesquite!!

How does he still look so good after driving through the night?!?

4. New Mexico, Land of Enchantment… and little shacks. Oh, no wait. That is old Mexico.

Ouch… dangerous beauty.

Danger lurks around every corner in New Mexico.

3.Arizona, you are beautiful, despite your dry heat and John McCain billboards.

My swollen ankles. Nice.

Proof without a doubt that this boy is mine.

2. Welcome to California! Gotta love that 70 degree weather!

1.Tanning in traffic! Welcome to Hollywood (um, don’t you mean North Hollywood?)

Mylo prepares for his close-up.

Here’s to no longer walking into an 80 degree house and thinking that it’s “refreshing”, California size bugs (they’re longer and have smaller belt buckles), and our new life in North Hollywood. I will actually miss Mesquite and Texas (but not the Balch Springs Walmart) but it’s good to be back home. =)


3 responses to “It’s Friday….

  1. Junkyard Sam says:

    Oh I love you so much! I love this blog, it’s so full of hope, and luckily everything’s lived up to our high expectations so far!!! California in full effect!

    PS: These things made me laugh out loud: “California size bugs (they’re longer and have smaller belt buckles)” and “Arizona, you are beautiful, despite your dry heat and John McCain billboards.” among other things. Hahaha.

    And thanks for the kind words, but I look OLD in that photo. I’m growing my hair longer!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Nice, I remember that drive! Now we’re headed out that way in the opposite direction! Getting revved up for the long drive ourselves! Luckily we don’t live in Texas, just visit! And I know what you mean about Texas sized bugs, everything’s bigger in Texas!

  3. Ruby says:

    Get out of my head!! Every time my thoughts say, “It’s Friday”. . . that’s closely followed with, “I ain’t got no job, I ain’t got shit to do.” And then I think about how that’s only half true. Sigh. Annneeewaaays, so glad you’re back in California even though you’re still a six and a half hour drive away. Dangit.

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