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on June 14, 2010

Day Eight of Twenty.

So I should have went to sleep. But our grumbling stomachs demanded immediate sustenance. So with our fabulous host, Magnus, we headed down the Royal Mile for a place for a “pie and a pint” (a burger and beer for the Yanks). I learned several things that night at the Tron:

1. Just because you’re in an English speaking country, doesn’t mean you can understand what anyone is saying.

2. Not having to tip for the bartender pouring you beer is AWESOME!

3. Tennants is lovely, even if not served in a proper Tennants glass.

4. Scottish toilets are brutal to flush.

5. Brown sauce is good on just about anything.

6. It’s fun to pay with pounds and pence.

7. Any chip (excuse me, crisp) with “Spare Rib” flavoring must be tried… and tried again.

8. Despite being a 31 year old lady running on virtually no sleep, I can put away 6 pints and close down a bar… No problem. =)

Day Eight of Twenty. Exausted. Excited. Can I go to bed now?


3 responses to “Tennent’s.

  1. dia says:

    brown sauce is awesome.. they sell it here by my house in Fallbrook!

  2. Ruby says:

    The best sleep of our trip!!

    (Also, tip for #4 and those wondering, the trick is to pull the handle back UP–quickly–after you flush it.)

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