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Missing My Babies.

on May 30, 2010

Day Five of Twenty.

We drove up to Humboldt to drop Columbo off with Ruby’s parents. After getting as much sleep as I could, we woke up to a great surprise: Baby Arthur! Ruby’s 5 month nephew. He is such a happy baby and pinches my arm just like Mylo does. I miss my own boys so much I just don’t know what to do sometimes. I almost wanted to come home after talking to Jaxon. Five days is five days too long. The video chats help, but it’s not the same.I don’t get to kiss them and hold them and have them crawling all over me. Only 15 days left. And that 15 days will include Paris!!!! (next time though, they’re coming with me!!!)

Day 5 of 20. Without by boys but still being attacked by bugs.


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