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Cheers to the Rescue!

on May 28, 2010

Day Three of Twenty.
A trip to San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without a night of karaoke. Kimber filled us in on a Pacifica Karaoke secret, Cheers Bar. The drinks were strong and cheap, the place wasn’t crowded, and they allowed dogs. How could we say no? We got in, got some drinks and I got serious with the song books.

Ruby & Kimber looking pretty!

Before we had a song down, Larry the karaoke regular came over and asked who wanted to sing Journey with him. Yes! I volunteered. Big mistake. Next he wanted to know if I knew the words to “No, no, no” by Alicia Keys. Kimber came to my rescue and polietly shooed him away. Three songs later we heard him. Mad props for a 55 year old Asian guy singing Alicia Keys. Classic. Later, Jose the Karaoke Master let me know that he sees Larry all over the peninsula and that he’s like “…a sticky booger you can’t flick off.” I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. We got in a fair number of songs, even Columbo got on stage!

Columbo taking a party-break.

Kimber dancing with this crazy old man.

Sexy Ladies!!

One down, more to go!!

Me after a few…

Ruby after a few more…

Perhaps due to it’s exotic location (in the Safway parking lot), a fair number of celebrites showed up, including Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog and Kimber.

and Edward from Twilight was there to show us that real men DO sparkle and Seth Rogan showing off his new svelt body.

Edward and Seth Rogan.

At 1:59am they confiscated our drinks so we headed to Denny’s where we hung out for what seemed like an eternity. We heard a lot of bad jokes (harshbrowns anyone?) and ate a lot of bad food.


Day Three of Twenty. Drunk. Full. And needing to pee.


One response to “Cheers to the Rescue!

  1. lizzie says:

    I love that the title is CHEEEERS TO THE RESCUE!!!

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