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The Adventure Begins!!!

on May 26, 2010

Day One of Twenty.

So my long awaited vacation has finally arrived. I would be more excited but thanks to Priceline’s AWESOME deals, I had to wake up at 3:30am (yay!) for my 6am flight.

I’m flying Delta and I’ve never flown them before. The check-in counter appeared to be a nightmare (which I wasn’t expecting so early on a Wednesday morning), however save for some teasing on behalf of my giant Driver’s License smile, things went smoothly and I was on my way through security. I was curious to see what kind of plane we’d be on and was greeted with another one of those tiny, claustrophobic planes. Unlike United Express, this jet was not falling apart. This plane looked brand spanking new. Crisp gray leather seats, nifty table trays… whoo!

I sat down (in the wrong seat, I later discovered) and my only complaints were that there wasn’t enough room to comfortably stash my carry-on and that I had to order my drink three times before the flight attendant could make out what I said. But what a drink… not only did Delta offer us the choice of peanuts, pretzels, or cookies, we got a WHOLE can of coke!

All gratis. Nice.

We connected in Salt Lake City. It seemed salty and full of lakes. From what I saw through my tiny airplane window, Salt Lake City reminded me of South Park.

At least the mountains are pretty.

I don’t know how people can live surrounded by mountains and land. Well I guess they have the lakes. Perhaps they are prettier in other seasons. I don’t even remember if they had a downtown. They must.

Salty, marshy, yumminess…

Matt asked if I converted while I was there. I told him I had and that I was getting a second wife… she’d be my glorified nanny that I didn’t have to pay. Who’s on dishes tonight? Second wife. Nice.

Thirty minutes later we boarded for Oakland. We were taken down the strangest corridor to *gasp* an outside plane. What? What is this? Nice tarp covering, Delta.

If it rains, you ten people will be fine. Everyone else? Well, it’s a good time to think about joining the Elite Plus program.

Once again, I expected something crappy, but Delta showed me up with another good looking plane. I got an aisle seat (the correct seat this time) and had more room for my carry on bag. I really enjoyed aisle seating. I had extra arm and leg room and when I had to go use the microscopic bathroom, I didn’t have to mouth an embarrassed “Excuse me” to my fellow passenger. I just got up and went. Nice.

The flight was longer than it would have been if I had a direct flight, but I was a little less peeved at Priceline by the time I reached Oakland. The flights were nice, the planes were spiffy, and who can say anything bad about a free can of Coke?

Day One of Twenty. Exhausted. Missing my boys painfully. Happy to be on a new adventure.


One response to “The Adventure Begins!!!

  1. Ruby says:

    Next up: adventures with the Rev and karaoke madness.We’re keepin’ it real out here in Cali. Heh.

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