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Precious: A Movie Review

on May 14, 2010

My eyes are red and I have a head ache. I just finished watching Precious. I remember seeing the previews for it when Matt & I tried to watch Goodbye Solo.(Another GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it) The previews alone brought tears to my eyes. The movie did not disappoint. I saw myself in Precious. Not the big things… My mom & dad (while not always the greatest) did not abuse us or neglect me. I can read, I’m not HIV positive, and (back then at least) I didn’t have two children.

But the smaller things… I saw myself in Precious. I was that big and can remember (on countless occasions) dreaming of being really skinny with long, straight hair. (The irony of it now is not lost on me.) I would dance and sing in front of the mirror, pretend that I had my own cooking show or make-up shop on QVC. I would stare out the window and imagine myself someplace different, as someone better. I had fantasies of having a boyfriend and him picking me up and taking me out on a real date. He didn’t have to be light-skinned with green eyes, he just had to be real, not-gay, and above all else, he had to like me. I wanted to raise my hand and talk out in class… I knew all the answers, but sat silently in the back, afraid of what would happen next. I saw strength in Precious, the love for her children and the love for herself. And I was uplifted by Ms. Rain, who dedicated herself to helping those six girls achieve their full potential. It made me feel good for the small accomplishment that I made today, going to the Farmer’s Market and not being bullied into buying eggs that weren’t what I wanted (I got my pasture eggs!). I thought, like Ms. Rain helped Precious (and therefore helping Precious’s children and THEIR children) I am helping my children. It’s on a much smaller scale, but it’s very motivating to keep at it… especially when it is so hard (and so easy) to revert to old habits.

Anyhow, if you need a bit of hope then move Precious to the top of your queue. Five stars. The most touching scene is where it seems like all is lost and life is pretty much over and Precious says that no body loves her. And now, I have felt like this numerous times. I am sure everyone has.. where you feel helpless and all alone. And Ms. Rain replies.. your baby loves you, I love you. And it just made me glad to have my two little monsters and my friend and family. I haven’t cried as much since Life is Beautiful. Perhaps I am just a sucker for movies where parents do right by their children. =)

And before this gets anymore melodramatic… your Friday Five:

5.Farm fresh, pasture-raised deliciousness!

4.Jumping Jax!

3.Two babies, one chair, one beagle… they must be up to no good.

2. Pee-pee in the potty!!



5 responses to “Precious: A Movie Review

  1. Ruby says:

    What happened to your phone?! I miss you! Also, I have Precious near the top of my queue. I have only heard good (and sad!) things about it. In the meantime I am laughing my *ss off with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. . .

  2. says:

    That’s Great. Nice Post….

  3. sara says:

    awww…great post. I have “Precious” on the list as well! Just got through with another movie I knew would be good but had to gear up the desire to see it :”Inglorious Basterds.” Pretty damn good movie, too. 😉

    • jessielah says:

      Yes! My dad showed me the first two chapters of Inglorious Basterds after we spent 2 hours watching some nonsensical ecology movie from the 70s. I was so upset that we didn’t watch Basterds instead. That movie rocked. I LOVED Shoshana. I usually don’t like that type of character, but she was awesome!

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