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Do Your Morals Need Supporting?

on April 28, 2010

My audition was at 7:40pm and I needed to arrive 15 minutes early. If the drive was 50 minutes without traffic, what time would Ruby and I need to leave her house in order to stop by Ikea on the way?

Yeah, we had plans to eat dinner (at home) too, but everything kind of went out the window because we decided to stop by Lucky’s to stock up on $2 wine, vodka, whiskey, mixers and two oranges, because, well, oranges are good. I also needed a folder for my head shots, resume, and bio. Albertson’s school supply section sucked balls, so we headed to Ross. Little did I know that I would run into an old flame.

Twilight boys. I get older, they stay the same age. Yes, they do, yes they do.

We decided to leave Ross before I became the proud owner of a life-size Team Jacob poster. For those just dying to know, I found the folder at the mail box store next door. The only neat story there was that I got a free mint. Nice.

Now armed with booze, binders, and oranges, we returned to Ruby’s to get ready for my audition. I gave Ruby a preview and got a standing ovation from Columbo. We were on the road a little later than planned, but got lucky with traffic and arrived at Mission City Opera in one piece. I was blown away with how friendly everyone was. Seriously, every single person who was working that night was super-friendly and welcoming. Also, they called me Jessie, which made me feel at home.

Waiting for my number to be called.

When they found out that Ruby wasn’t a singer (“You mean you’re a nothing? A zilch? A zero?”), one man tried recruiting Ruby to be on crew. After complaining that being on crew sounded like a lot of work, Ruby explained that she was here as my moral support. The man looked at me and asked (quite seriously, I might add), “So your morals need supporting?” I couldn’t keep a straight face. Even Ruby stopped texting for a moment to snicker. Because, as you, my dear readers, already know, my morals need much supporting, as often as they can get it.

I have a thing for photos of me trying to keep a straight face.

I went on shortly after that (sandwiched between two SFCM school mates) and sang La Canzone di Doretta, from La Rondine (Puccini). I know they weren’t doing any Puccini this season, but every time I hear the opening of the song, I feel happy and relaxed, so I figured what a better state to sing in than happy and relaxed. My two high notes (which were glorious for Columbo), were a bit  tired and not quite as brilliant as I would have hoped. She didn’t ask for a second song, and I was starting to feel a bit down, when she began asking me about my time away and coachings. Interesting. I was rusty, but not forgotten. Whew. As we left, the girl at the front desk asked me to wait, and a woman came out and asked if I would do ensemble. Heck yeah, I would. It’s been three years since I’ve sung. No lessons, no coachings. Just babies and playing around occasionally. No time to be snobby. Besides, I could learn all the roles while in the ensemble, build relationships with bay area singers and MCO. Win. Win. Whoo-hoo!

Ruby and I were amped on the ride home. We talked about the audition, the future, and (of course) what we would be singing at karaoke.  Weezer, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Franz Ferdinand.


10 responses to “Do Your Morals Need Supporting?

  1. Matt says:

    “Twilight boys. I get older, they stay the same age. Yes, they do, yes they do.”
    AHem… COUGAR!

    “…and got a standing ovation from Columbo”
    “…My two high notes (which were glorious for Columbo)…”
    I wonder how many people read this and think Columbo is some tag along guy and not a dog? haha

    Congratulations again. It would be cool if I was somehow able to attend the show.

    And f’ing Jeremy better not get a blog entry!! lol

    • Ruby says:

      Jeremy is totally getting a blog. If he doesn’t I am disowning Jessie.

    • jessielah says:

      @Matt: I thought you had to be like over 35 to be a Cougar. Besides, I have the hair mass of a 24 year old. I think that counts in my favor.

      @Ruby: Boys only get blog entries when they tug at my heart strings, not my g-string (um, well, grannie panties to be precise.)

  2. Matt says:

    PS. How did your lips leave such a big mark on the poster?

  3. Ruby says:

    My morals need a 34FFF. Love, the Zero.

  4. jessielah says:

    “DON’T TEST MY LIMITS!!! half-lol”

    That made me guffaw (thanks Ruby). You probably heard it.

  5. melissa says:

    Laughing my ass off….my morals sometimes need supporting also, lol…

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