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Fear of Flying.

on April 27, 2010

A week later and I have just recovered from my trip to SF. It took four blogs to accurately cover the details.

Yep, it was that much fun.

I departed from DFW on United Express and now understand why people are afraid to fly. I’m not afraid to fly. Just the opposite. I love flying (wanted to be a pilot until the 10th grade), but now I see why people think they are going to come crashing down in flames every time they board a plane. I m pretty sure this was the same duct-taped wing plane of Matt’s Elizabethan-esque tales. (Note: If you haven’t heard a story from the master, Elizabeth, well boys and girls, you haven’t heard a story). This plane was so small. If I sneezed I would have hit my head on the ceiling and punched the lady next to me in the boob. What struck me as odd, however, was the size of the bathroom. It was huge. Tons of leg room. I should have taken my laptop and sat in there.

Three hours and one mini-bottle of wine later, I was in SF. After getting lost en route to Ruby, her awesome (!) cousin Melissa, and her instantly-likable (point!) friend Kimber, I made it to the Prius without the parking nazis issuing any tickets. Whew. It’s become tradition to stay up too late and drink the first night I arrive.  This time was no exception. At least everyone kept their clothes on. Mmm… Coronas


7 responses to “Fear of Flying.

  1. Matt says:

    QUOTE: “Odd, however, was the size of the bathroom. It was huge. Tons of leg room. I should have taken my laptop and sat in there.”

    Hahahaha, they should put one of those men in there to offer you towelettes, lotion, and perfume for tips.

    It would be cool to have one of those guys so close while going potty.

  2. Matt says:

    PS. What is that photo? It looks like a bunch of strange birth control devices.

  3. Ruby says:

    Like the time I sneezed and smacked my head on the bus seat in front of me. Oh yes, I laughed at myself that time. Good thing there weren’t any boobs next to me to elbow or I might have. Just because.

  4. sara says:

    You mean you guys didn’t all compare boobs? lol. Glad you ladies had fun that night. Somehow, this blog seems slightly unfinished, what with Tuesday’s shennanigans (this blog doesn’t like how I spelled that word!) and getting you to the airport barely on time on Wednesday (damn at&t)…hmmm…dare I hope there may be more to come? I love these blogs, by the way! Keep it up, my dear…

  5. jessielah says:

    @ Matt: Those are birth control devices. Because when you get that drunk, you never know.

    @ Ruby: Nice. Remind my boobs not to sit next to you.

    @ Sara: Yes, I was supposed to mention somewhere that this is the first post of a 4-part series, but I forgot. The blog would probably like it if you spelled shenanigans with one N. Haha! Glad you like it. More to come. I have good deal of Tuesday night left to cover. 😉

    • Ruby says:

      Jessie. I think you mentioned it. “It took four blogs to accurately cover the details.” I mean, you didn’t spell it out, but that sentence told ME that there were three more blogs on the topic to come. . .

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