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Blind Enthusiasm.

on April 17, 2010

Although Saturday morning sucked hard balls, — at one point Mylo was sitting on my eye with a dirty diaper, bouncing up and down — it was worth it.

Friday night, Matt & I made a new song based off of this melody I hummed into my mp3 player one morning. It was originally supposed to be a tad bit slower, with the chorus revolving around the words “Upside Down”, but as we were working, I came across some old photos of when I was in SF living downtown on Bush Street. I had created this montage to Thumbs, including thumbs up to Fignuts, Dead Fish, and of course, giant LobsterRitas… So I changed the chorus and came up with some lyrics that weren’t too offensive while Matt practiced on the guitar and bass.

Warning: This is just a demo! We had consumed most of those beers before the night began, hence the basic and unimaginative drum beat. To enjoy the latest from Jessielah:

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Blind Enthusiasm

Going downtown on the N-line,
Seeing what shenanigans we can find.

Thirty minutes at the grind, out of time
TVs blaring, mouths-a-glaring, can’t unwind
What was said, overheard
What was read, is it dead?

Flashing lights, large estates, Ryan, Jake
Day old coffee and stale wedding cake
Plastic seats, orange is neat
Took a cup of Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up! Put Your Thumbs Up!

Doing, laughing, riding, drinking champagne of beers
Living for the living, don’t have no fears
‘Cept runny noses and a smeared shadowed eye
Turn your back and jump, want to fly?

Evictions, too much traffic, shoes on the lawn
What the fuck in the world is going on?
All is good, more is better, free is the best
Like a vato, say, Thumbs Up! to the chest.

Thumbs up! Put Your Thumbs Up!

A nickel and a smile will last a long while…

Going downtown on  the N-line
I am here and now the night is mine.

Running free, hugging trees on Rue Nessy V,
Late night movie, IMAX 3D, at AMC
Home movies, how you haunt me, wish you didn’t exist
Forget the Thumbs, lets do it, exploding bumps of the fists!

Thumbs Up! Put Your Thumbs Up!

Jessielah – vocals, lyrics
JunkyardSam – guitar, bass, drums


One response to “Blind Enthusiasm.

  1. Matt says:

    looking forward to how the final version of this turns out! Still deciphering your coded lyrics. lol

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